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“Community is a group of people helping each other”

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Tara Jeffrey

When eight-year-old Melanie Wellington asked if her Grade 3 class could hold a fundraiser for a good cause, her classmates stepped up with big ideas and even bigger hearts.

“My papa had cancer so I thought we could raise some money,” said Wellington, a student in Amanda Brydges’ class at Colonel Cameron School in Corunna.

Having already raised a lot of money for cancer research through the Terry Fox Run earlier in the school year, the students brainstormed ideas on how they could give back to the community in a new cause.

“The wheels began to turn, slowly at first, but then a light bulb went off,” said Brydges.

“They unanimously agreed they wanted to support the Sarnia District Humane Society as a class ‘Community Project.’”

Students tossed around various ideas for how they could raise money, and set a lofty goal of $500.

A bake sale and ‘hat day’ brought in $350. And an online auction this week for parents and friends — with prizes donated from various local businesses — is expected to put them over the top.

“Most people in the class like animals, so that’s why we came up with [the Humane Society],” said Luke Grant, 9.

Jeff Carpenter, 9, added, “We want to give the animals a new home; they can’t be cooped up forever!”

Brydges said reaching the fundraising goal wasn’t the priority — she’s just thrilled her students are grasping a better sense of giving back, and lending a helping hand.

“When I asked what the word ‘community’ meant to them, they knew the answer all on their own,” she said, holding back tears.

“They said, ‘community is a group of people helping each other.’

“It was a proud moment for me.”



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