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Commissioner rejects former city councillor’s complaint

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Journal Staff

Sarnia’s integrity commissioner has rejected a complaint filed by former city councillor Matt Mitro.

In March, Mitro submitted a lengthy list of incidents in which he alleged Mayor Mike Bradley and three city councillors had breached the city’s Code of Conduct over the preceding 21 months.

The documents included a 37-page list of 182 “exhibits” citing council meetings and media coverage.

In a letter dated May 2, Integrity Commissioner Paul Watson called most of the complaints “historical” and concluded there was insufficient grounds to investigate.

“Most of the allegations relate to activities that occurred prior to the last Municipal election, and prior to the new Council taking office,” he wrote.

“I cannot ignore the fact that the Mayor was re-elected to office during that election.”

It is not the role of the commissioner, Watson added, to interfere with political decisions or political comment, but he will intervene if there is an obvious breach of the Code.





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