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Climate rally

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Wendy Hoy of Port Franks joins about 200 activists and protestors at Point Edward’s Waterfront Park for the Global Climate Strike rally on Sept. 27.

Organized by Climate Action Sarnia, the event was meant to exchange ideas, urge leaders to take action, and show solidarity with other climate strikes happening across Canada and around the world, the group said in a press release. Dozens of elementary and high school students were among those in attendance.

“To me there is nothing more important than the climate crisis we’re experiencing today,” said Alex MacInnis, a kindergarten teacher at  Les Rapides elementary school, who spoke at the event held under the Blue Water Bridge.

“There’s so much corporate greed and political greed that is tainting the views of so many people out there… it’s something that really burns me up badly because I know there is a bright future for our kids and we have to fight for it.”

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