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City council and mayor give themselves a pay raise

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Journal Staff

Sarnia council has given itself and the mayor pay raises to offset a nixed federal tax deduction that had permitted one-third of their income to be tax-free.

The move, approved Jan. 21, lifts each of the eight councillors salaries to $23,072 a year.

The city’s mayor, in addition to a salary, receives a car allowance and medical and dental benefits. The mayor’s annual remuneration from the city rises to $80,435.

The increases will add about $35,000 a year to the city budget.

Sarnia’s mayor and four city-county councillors also receive income and mileage for their work on Lambton County council.

In 2017, for example, Mayor Mike Bradley earned an additional $17,463 from the county.

The four county councillors, who have all left office, received from $16,239 to $23,675 that year.


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