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Citizen committee to review city council pay increase

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The question of a pay raise for city council members is being turned over to a five-person citizen committee.

Last month, councillors gave themselves a raise to offset a nixed federal tax deduction that had permitted one-third of their income to be tax-free.

That lifted the salary of the eight councillors to $23,072 a year, and the mayor’s remuneration from the city to $80,435.

But after Coun. Mike Stark proposed an additional $7,600-a-year increase for councillors, and another $2,700 for the mayor, they agreed last week to let a citizen committee review the issue and make recommendations.

The committee will be comprised of two members from the Chamber of Commerce, two members from the Sarnia & District Labour Council, and one member at large.

Council remuneration is fixed but has been adjusted annually since 2005 based on the consumer price index.

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