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Centre helped candidate find job

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Marco Vigliotti

Editor’s note: This concludes a series on the Goodwill Career Centre

After completing a business degree program at Lambton College, Kyle Kavanaugh contemplated his next move while beginning the post-school job hunt.

Encouraged by his mother, the owner of Sarnia’s Ole Country Diner, Kavanaugh turned to the Goodwill Career Centre in a bid to find steady, full-time work.

That decision would pay off for the young college graduate, who wound up landing a position with Grafiks Marketing and Communications, in large part due the Career Centre staff, he said.

“Each time I went to the Goodwill Career Centre, I would feel more confident in what I had to offer and about my future in the work force.”

After registering in the Centre’s computer system, Kavanaugh was introduced to a counsellor, who helped him put together a new resume.

He attend a number of classes at the Centre before being matched with job developer, Rob Janoska.

“Before meeting Rob, I was still trying to connect my clearly outlined abilities with a Career path,” Kavanaugh said. “With the economy being so poor, and the unemployment rate so high in Sarnia, I thought I might have to go west in order to find a good career.”

Janoska introduced Kavanaugh to Jim Vergunst, creative director at Grafiks Marketing & Communications. After undergoing the routine interview, Vergunst offered Kavanaugh a full-time position as sales representative.

“I absolutely love my career. Every day I learn something new, working directly with a variety of local and national businesses,” Kavanaugh said.

“The tools, service, advice and guidance I received from the Goodwill offers was incredible, and best of all, it was free,” he added.


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