COLUMN: Odds of survival not great

 “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” – Woody Allen   In case you didn’t know this already, the U.S. National Safety Council has determined that the average human has a 1 in 1 chance of dying of some cause in his or her lifetime…. Read more »

Letters to the editor, week of March 27

  Decision denies homeless a basic human right In light of the Ontario Superior Court decision about the fate of River City Vineyard homeless shelter, I would like to publicly commend Pastor George Esser and the church trustees for continually advocating for those struggling to make ends meet. I also applaud Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley… Read more »

Letters to the editor, week of March 20

  The homeless shelter pastor others don’t see Sir: I had a heavy heart when I found out the courts ruled in the City’s favour to close down the River City Homeless Shelter based on zoning by-laws.  The court recognized the need for the shelter, and felt a lot of good was being accomplished, but… Read more »

GUEST COLUMNIST: Plant closure brings dirty smoke

When the Ontario government decided to close our coal-fired electrical generating stations they must have forgotten to do their homework. What might have seemed a valid idea at the time turned out to be a major disaster! The Lambton Generating System emitted very clean smoke due to fine technology used at the plant. Now the… Read more »

EDITORIAL: Taking Harbour like buying a pig in a poke

Sarnia is holding out for more money before agreeing to accept Ottawa’s ‘divestiture” of Sarnia Harbour. But when the feds ante up – and they will – the city should take the deal, bad as it is. Transport Canada has said to the municipality (and everyone else), “Take our harbour. Please.” Together with valuable waterfront… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Allow colleges to offer three-year degrees

Young people in Sarnia-Lambton face a new reality about their future careers. The skills mismatch has been dominating local headlines lately, reminding us that we face a future of “people without jobs” and “jobs without people.” Too often, there is a divide between the skills and credentials held by young people entering the workforce and… Read more »

LETTER: A plea to clear snowy driveways

Dear Sir: I enjoyed reading your first paper. I’d like to add some information to the article you did about the snow on sidewalks. For the past eight years, I have collected for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  It’s always difficult trying to find a weekend (when most of my neighbours are at home) to… Read more »

COMMENT: And the survey says …

  The Journal received more than 100 emails, phone calls and Facebook posts following publication of its first edition last week. Below is a sampling of comments. Congratulations to all of you for a fantastic paper … this is what Sarnia needed … and at the right time … Great Job to all of you… Read more »

EDITORIAL: A new voice for Sarnia

Hi there, and welcome to The Sarnia Journal. What you’re reading is a web version of the first edition of Sarnia’s new newspaper, with a weekly distribution of 30,000 copies delivered to homes, apartments and selected businesses in the immediate Sarnia area. Why a new newspaper? Isn’t print a dinosaur in the digital age? Actually,… Read more »