OPINION: Signs of the times

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. And according to some residents, they really are blockin’ out the scenery and breakin’ our minds. But not everyone finds mobile signs ugly or flashing electronic message boards an eyesore. To business, they’re an effective advertising medium and an essential way to reach customers in a hectic, mobile society. On… Read more »

COLUMN: A Modeland Road shopping centre?

We have seen the battle line, and it is Modeland Road. The road connecting north and south Sarnia will be in the news a lot in years to come, if city planners are correct. Modeland currently has limited access because designed as a thoroughfare to move vehicles across the city with minimal interruption. The land… Read more »

Letters, week of June 5

What jobs for Sarnia, Mr. Bailey? Sir: With Coronation Park and Lambton College’s day care closing, what plan does PC candidate Bob Bailey have for parents in the provision of community child care? With the Lambton Generating Station bidding adieu and the foundations of Lanxess on quicksand, does Mr. Bailey have, with all his background… Read more »

GUEST COLUMNIST: Library a fine place to sit and ponder

  Gordon Ray Bourgon Heavy rains pelting the city forced me to seek refuge behind its glass doors. I felt as though I had entered the home of a friend expecting me. The Sarnia Public Library was a warm, friendly place. A place to sit among books and a relaxing stillness, while the elements raged outside…. Read more »

Letters, Week of May 29

Sarnia Parking Authority lacks PR skills I want to share an experience I had with the Sarnia Parking Authority Wednesday on May 14th. I pulled into a municipal parking lot between Christina and Front streets around 11:00 a.m. I pulled in facing a vehicle parked at the end of the row. As I purchased my… Read more »

OPINION: A public take on privacy

Sarnia council agreed recently to buy new software to improve emergency services at Sarnia Police headquarters. Actually, it had little choice. Federal regulators have mandated 911 providers accommodate text messaging and other enhanced services. And who would argue against a better emergency system? There is, however, another side. The $86,000 software upgrade will, for the… Read more »

OPINION: Attack of the Googlebots

In an earlier life at a previous publication I would occasionally be asked by members of the public to remove their personal information from the newspaper’s website archive. Usually they were criminals angered because their name had been published from provincial court. But one man I remember clearly, and with sadness. The 20-something had run… Read more »

Letters, Week of May 22

Thanks for successful MS campaign Sir: The Sarnia Lambton Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada held it’s annual Carnation Campaign on May 9and 10.  The proceeds of these sales help us achieve our chapter’s mission, which is to provide funding to further research into MS and to assist those affected by MS. On… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: My life, my death, my choice

Wendy Cornelis Every time we look at a newspaper or watch TV news, we hear something about “physician assisted death,” although it is often called by other names such as euthanasia, dying with dignity, right to die, etc. Regardless of the name, the issue has unfortunately pitted groups against each other, even when both work… Read more »