COLUMN: Sarnia needs its own museum

Ottawa gave the City of Windsor $2 million toward a $6.2-million community museum last week. Expected to open next year on the ground floor of the Art Gallery of Windsor, the new museum’s exhibitions and galleries will tell the story of the Rose City, from its francophone heritage to its auto industry. Why do we… Read more »

What’s Happening, Week of April 17

WHAT’S HAPPENING   What’s Happening events must be open to the public, of general public interest, 60 words or less, and received at least two weeks prior to the event.  Please include ticket prices, if any, and where to obtain more information. Email notices to info@thesarniajournal.ca.   Wednesday, April 16   Leadership Simulcast Designed for… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: There needs to be a better way

Editor’s Note: A homeless shelter operated by River City Vineyard has been ordered closed by June 15 because it breaches Sarnia’s zoning bylaws. The church and its pastor, George Esser, are appealing the Superior Court decision. George Esser Municipalities are handicapped when it comes to addressing homelessness. For one thing, they were downloaded the problem… Read more »

Six things I love about Sarnia

Sarnia often gets kicked in the teeth, and frankly I’m sick of it. I tire of the naysayers and Internet trolls who run the city down at every opportunity. If they got out more they’d realize just how good we have it. So I’m coming to my city’s defence. Here, in no particular order, are a… Read more »

LETTERS, week of April 3

  Church shelter closure angers reader Sir: I am angered and appalled at the hardline position of certain Sarnia council members regarding the plight of River City Vineyard church in its desire to provide sanctuary and shelter to our city’s homeless. In relentlessly pursuing this issue, these bureaucrats are demonstrating that under the guise of… Read more »

OPINION: Emotional intelligence a key to success

As a consultant to the UN for the past seven years, I have had the privilege of serving many leaders and teams around the world. One common question asked, regardless of culture, is, “How can we develop effective partnerships to get the results we want?” Emotional intelligence (EI) is a key in addressing this challenge. … Read more »

OPINION: Sarnia better off with Harbour

Generations of Sarnians to come can only hope that Mike Kelch is wrong. Kelch was the lone naysayer when city council held its nose last week and voted to accept ownership of Sarnia Harbour. Many councillors had serious reservations about the deal, which will see Ottawa hand over waterfront land and $8.56 million for current… Read more »

COLUMN: Odds of survival not great

 “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” – Woody Allen   In case you didn’t know this already, the U.S. National Safety Council has determined that the average human has a 1 in 1 chance of dying of some cause in his or her lifetime…. Read more »

Letters to the editor, week of March 27

  Decision denies homeless a basic human right In light of the Ontario Superior Court decision about the fate of River City Vineyard homeless shelter, I would like to publicly commend Pastor George Esser and the church trustees for continually advocating for those struggling to make ends meet. I also applaud Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley… Read more »

Letters to the editor, week of March 20

  The homeless shelter pastor others don’t see Sir: I had a heavy heart when I found out the courts ruled in the City’s favour to close down the River City Homeless Shelter based on zoning by-laws.  The court recognized the need for the shelter, and felt a lot of good was being accomplished, but… Read more »