Letters, week of Sept. 4

Drive Clean is highway robbery Sirs: Re: Three dumb things government has done with your money Great article, but the Drive Clean segment could have included much more stupidity. 1) This tax grab has gone much farther, by changing the measurement of the tailpipe emissions to the computer chip readout. If there is any problem,… Read more »

Letters, week of Aug. 28

Pedestrians should stay on the sidewalk Sir: I moved to Sarnia from the Niagara area 10 years ago and like it here. It is a community of nice people. But I do have a few complaints. Under the Highway Traffic Act, no pedestrian should walk on any road or highway and impede traffic. My wife… Read more »

What’s Happening, week of Aug. 28

WHAT’S HAPPENING What’s Happening events must be open to the public, of general public interest, 60 words or less, and received at least two weeks prior to the event.  Please include ticket prices, if any, and where to obtain more information. Email notices to info@thesarniajournal.ca. Wednesday Aug. 27th Grove Music Series Kenwick on the Lake… Read more »

OPINION: Pesticide study suggests a problem in the garden

George Mathewson Recently this newspaper profiled beekeeper Ray Heeringa, who lost 80% of his bees last winter, and the winter before. The Sarnia man is convinced a relatively new and pervasive insecticide factored into the death of his hives and those of other Ontario apiculturists, who collectively lost 58% of their bees last winter. Neonicotinoids… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Give peace a chance

Michele Dionne Today my Facebook status reads: “Michele Dionne wished she could sprinkle positive energy sparkles on her negative friends so they could see how truly awesome they are.” There is no magic dust that spreads positive vibrations, but many people worldwide are starting to believe we can share positive energy through meditation, and generally… Read more »

Letters, week of Aug. 21

Hydro should be not-for-profit commodity Sir: Re: George Mathewson’s column in defence of Bluewater Power. I agree fully with his statements regarding the outrageous operating practices at Ontario Power Generation and Hydro One. What he fails to mention is that in spite of paying staff bloated salaries and benefit, (6,000 of 11,000 employees on the… Read more »

OPINION: 3 dumb things government has done with your money

George Mathewson 1 – Closed Hiawatha Slots: Ontario’s Liberal government was pilloried for its $1.1-billion gas plant boondoggle. Equally stupid was closing Sarnia’s Hiawatha Slots. Hiawatha Slots was a well-run, bustling attraction that provided a fun night out for residents and drew crowds of U.S. visitors to Sarnia. It provided a regular paycheque to 140… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Hats off to Golden Hawk team

Bonnie Stevenson The team currently engaged in the restoration of the Sarnia F-86 Golden Hawk Sabre memorial is to be commended for their commitment to the project. Well over 3,000 man-hours have already been expended and the result has been nothing short of remarkable. The badly-damaged jet has undergone a stunning transformation that required the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Unsung hero deserves an award

Sharon Crowe I would like to tell you about an extraordinary person I know … Mike Blondin is his name. He lives in Bright’s Grove where he grew up, a stones’ throw from Huron House Boys’ Home where I work. The Boys’ Home is a respected residential facility that’s been helping teenaged boys for 44 years and… Read more »

OPINION: In defence of Bluewater Power

With skyrocketing energy rates strangling the economy and the fat cats at Ontario Power Generation and Ontario Hydro bagging outrageous salaries, it’s no wonder “hydro” has become a dirty word. The billing practices of Hydro One are a mess. Just ask the customers who signed up for pre-authorized payments and had their accounts mysteriously cleaned… Read more »