Letters, week of March 26

 Writer’s “facts” show why sex-ed needed Sir:  In his letter “Personal opinions or facts?” (03/12/15) is Keith Patrick confusing his “facts” with his religious beliefs on homosexuality? When he states that the Bible is “very clear” that homosexuality is not normal he must know that Biblical scholars have asserted that Jesus made no such claim…. Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: The words you use do matter

Thea deGroot In Grade 8 I learned how to write précis, summing up a whole paragraph worth of words into a short, succinct sentence. In the subsequent years, my world learned to write sound bites, a term first recorded in 1980 and originating in political campaigns.  News clips got shorter; even commercials raced to reduce… Read more »

Letters, week of March 19

Cause of sexual orientation debatable Sir: On March 12th you published a Letter to the Editor entitled “Personal opinions or facts?” I am a bit surprised that you published the letter, as it seemed to me to be a thinly disguised discussion of the writer’s bias. He falls victim to his own accusation of an onslaught… Read more »

OPINION: Developer plows on with plan

George Mathewson The residents of Sarnia don’t want it. The Official Plan prohibits it. About the only voices of opposition that haven’t come out swinging yet are Donald Trump and that guy who liked to wander around naked on Survivor. But Sifton Properties definitely wants it, and the powerful London-based developer has doubled down to… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: What it’s like with Tourette Syndrome

Adam Young We’ve all had mosquito bites. We know not to scratch them, but do anyway. Nobody gives you a weird look or treats you differently for doing so and often, it will spawn a conversation about a mutual hatred of mosquitos. But what if instead of a mosquito bite, you had an ongoing urge… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Committing to the south end

Nathan Colquhoun Most folks in Sarnia frown upon the idea of our south end and would never intentionally move here. One person told me he would never consider a house south of the 402. The south end isn’t really where you would settle if you don’t have to. There is drug use, a busy methadone… Read more »

Letters, week of March 12

Don’t mess with our nature trail Sir: Re: Peter Smith’s letter opposing a road extension over the Howard Watson Nature Trail. I couldn’t agree more. The trail is like the St. Clair River of a century ago, when it was used as dumping ground for trash and pollution. But a lot of political will and… Read more »

OPINION: I’m green with synchronicity

The traffic lights in downtown Sarnia have theoretically been synchronized for motorists, at least for vehicles that maintain a steady 40 km/h. Glenn Ogilvie George Mathewson When I was growing up near Germain Park the kids of our neighbourhood would often organize sprawling games of hide-and-seek to while away long summer evenings. ‘Home Base’ was… Read more »

UPDATE: Happy birthday, to us

  Today marks the one-year anniversary of The Sarnia Journal, which is an important milestone for your local independent newspaper. When we set out 12 months ago our stated goal was to connect with the community by producing interesting stories and photography that matter to the people of Sarnia, Bright’s Grove, Point Edward and Corunna…. Read more »

Letters, week of March 5

Anti-terror bill turns CSIS into secret police Sir: The government’s “Anti-Terror Bill” C-51 and its approach to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq miss the target by a wide margin. While we all agree that ISIS is a particularly nasty bunch of thugs that have to be stopped, it won’t be achieved just by dropping… Read more »