Letters, week of April 23

Sex-ed curriculum a hot topic                        Sir: It appears the Ontario Liberal Party, via Premier Kathleen Wynne, will this fall put into motion the new Sexual Education Curriculum, which is really a re-introduction of the one from 2010. At that time it opened a can of worms, and five years haven’t changed the thinking of many… Read more »

OPINION: A glimpse of early pioneer life in Sarnia

George Mathewson In the year 1827 an intrepid 16-year-old named Freeman Talbot disembarked at “The Rapids” as part of a survey team tasked with plotting out the future Sarnia and Moore Townships. Over the next five months, Talbot explored the dense and unbroken hardwood forest fronting the St. Clair River, blazing trees, wading across streams… Read more »

Letters, week of April 16

I’ll love you tomorrow A few years ago I was driving through the city and had to stop for a school bus letting a passenger off. It was one of those smaller ones used for students with a disability. The driver helped a young boy in a wheelchair off the bus and handed him over… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Pet project to solve a taxing problem

Sheila Kozmin Like many responsible pet owners I use the services of a veterinarian to keep Kitty and Fido healthy. I have had excellent service from my Sarnia vets. However, the costs can be prohibitive; in the last six months alone I have spent almost $700 for my cat’s check-up, shots, blood work, medications and… Read more »

OPINION: City hospital’s reputation is outdated

George Mathewson Whenever Sarnians get together and the talk turns to health there’s a good chance someone will trot out a horror story about Bluewater Health. A common malady misdiagnosed, a loved one left on a hallway bed, a misprescribed med. “If you want good treatment you gotta go to London,” is practically a mantra… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Workers crushed by bureaucratic systems

Nathan Colquhoun Dawn Flegel is the executive director of Sarnia-Lambton Children’s Aid Society. I saw this 1983 quote on her office wall recently. “The amazing thing, never to be forgotten, is that the people who make up this system are among the most altruistic in the country. They went into their profession to serve. They have… Read more »

Letters, week of April 2

Gay rights have come a long way Sir: Recently there has been a spate of letters to the editor about homosexuality. It sounds like there are a lot of misconceptions regarding sexual orientation. As the chair of the Blue Water Chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) of Sarnia & Port… Read more »

OPINION: Foundation pays sweet dividends

George Mathewson In the early 1970s Stanford University researchers conducted what became known as the marshmallow test. A child seated at a table was offered a choice – eat one small marshmallow right away or wait 15 minutes and get two marshmallows. Surprisingly, follow-up studies done years later found a correlation between the test and… Read more »

OPINION: About those offensive letters

George Mathewson I had an interesting exchange with a reader last week about free speech and what newspapers should and should not publish. It was all triggered by a March 12 letter to the editor from one Keith Patrick, who argued that homosexuality “is not normal” and that a person’s sexual orientation is a matter… Read more »