GUEST COLUMN: Let’s get junk food out of sports

Nadine Devin I am a Registered Dietitian and mother of three. For both reasons I have a profound passion for child nutrition. In my household, we moderate how often our children receive treats.  I use the concept “Go, Slow, Whoa” with my kids and in my teaching with families I work with. Treats are “Whoa.”… Read more »

Letters, week of May 28

Air Cadets grateful for support Sir: On behalf of 44 Sarnia Imperial Air Cadets we would like to thank local businesses that allowed cadets to stand at their doors, and the community of Sarnia for its support on our recent ‘tagging” weekend. The cadet experience is provided at no cost, but it isn’t free. Your… Read more »

Diarist offered early description of Sarnia

George Mathewson Recently we featured an early description of Sarnia by Freeman Talbot, who arrived at “The Rapids” in 1827 as part of the area’s first survey team. Today we offer another first-hand glimpse through the eyes of one Julia Marie Jones, who, in the summer of 1830, kept a journal of her trans-Atlantic crossing… Read more »

Letters, week of May 21

Sex ed protesters misinformed Sir: It is disturbing to me to see children protesting against changes to the Sex Education curriculum, manipulated by their parents to do so and denied the opportunity to be in the classroom with their teachers and friends. These are the tactics of social conservatives who want to impose their beliefs… Read more »

OPINION: When political ads are propaganda

George Mathewson You might have seen the commercials on TV – happy, industrious Canadians enjoying the benefits of the federal government’s Economic Action Plan. “Across Canada, Canadians are working hard,” begins one recent spot. A boy walks his dog through a middle-class neighbourhood while the voice-over extolls tax credits, child-care breaks and other government plums…. Read more »

COLUMN: Murder capitals of the world

George Mathewson Canadians received the news recently that our country’s homicide rate has fallen to a level not seen in half a century. The number of murders dipped another 8% last year to 1.44 per 100,000, which is the lowest it’s been since 1966. Which got me wondering how Canada stacks up against the other… Read more »

Guest Column: Nature is a playground for us to enjoy

Chloe Hodson-Smith In today’s hyper-connected world, it is the default to be attached to some sort of device for the most part of the day. This constant stimulation leaves most of us drained, underproductive, rushed and overwhelmed. Researchers are also uncovering the repercussions this is having on us and its effect on our children before… Read more »

Letters, week of May 14

How would Jesus vote? Sir: Last week, thousands of parents across Ontario took their children out of school in protest of the Liberal’s new sex-ed curriculum, the latest in a string of wedge issues pitting the Christian right against the more secular left. Though the separation of church and state is integral to secular democracy,… Read more »

COLUMN: Not all families get good news

Tara Jeffrey I remember the phone call like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and my newborn daughter had just fallen asleep on my chest. I answered the call, but when the voice on the other end introduced herself as a geneticist from London Health Sciences Centre, I wished I hadn’t. She asked… Read more »

Guest Column: Train travel can be enjoyable

Eileen Viola On Wednesday, March 25 I took the VIA train to Toronto where I had a meeting at 1.00 p.m. Waking up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. I arrived at the Sarnia station to catch the 6:11 VIA train. It was cold and dark and the warmth and light of the old… Read more »