GUEST COLUMN: Pondering our new ‘COVocabulary’

Susan MacFarlane If someone asked me in 2015 where I pictured myself in five years, it certainly wouldn’t have included a mask or hand sanitizer. Nope, not even remotely on my radar. Sure, people talked about the possibility of a global pandemic and since the beginning of the century we’ve had SARS, H1N1 and Ebola,… Read more »

Letters: week of Sept. 24

City’s brush policy annoying Sir: Many times I have written letters to the editor of The Sarnia Journal but haven’t sent them. Tonight, I am really annoyed. We are getting rid of many very old sickly bushes and trees on our property. So I looked at the 2020 Waste/Recycle/Compost Calendar and found out there is… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Seniors battle loneliness during pandemic

Shawna Kolkman Lately, everyone has been talking about the degree of seriousness of COVID-19, how inconvenient it is to wear a mask, and the number of deaths in our community. But few are talking about the very real health detriments caused by ‘social distancing,’ a problem that’s increasingly impacting those most frequently affected by this… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 27

Canada in a COVID-induced coma Sir: Most people contracting the COVID-19 now are asymptomatic. So why are governments in a blue funk over this virus? Why all the dithering because of an irrational fear of a virus we are learning about each day? That’s not to diminish in any way the early impact of COVID… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 20

Class sizes put kids at risk Sir: Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital’s stand on elementary school class size states: “size should be a priority and to include physical distancing.” Toronto School Board said this week to “keep class sizes down.” Dr.Tam’s advice is to “arrange schools so that physical distancing can happen.” Yet Premier Doug Ford… Read more »