Week of July 22

Proud Canadian defends “trashed” lawn signs Sir: Regarding the letter of July 8, “Unapologetically Canadian lawn signs tone deaf at best.” The Rotary Club lawn signs are a positive acknowledgement of Canada. They do not imply assimilation of Indigenous peoples or the exclusion of non-white immigrants. First, the assimilation of Indigenous children at church-run schools… Read more »

How the poppy came to be our symbol of remembrance

Tom Slater & Tom St. Amand This July 5th will mark the 100th anniversary of Canada adopting the poppy as the flower of remembrance. Each November, Sarnia-Lambton residents pin on a poppy with pride and patriotism, and over the past century have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local veterans and related causes…. Read more »

OPINION: Bright lights coming to downtown park to thwart vandals

Phil Egan In response to the vandalizing of the Sarnia’s Cenotaph soldier a massive campaign has been announced to flood Veterans Park with protective lighting. Sarnia Historical Society president Cory Burke said a $100,000 fundraising target has been set, along with sponsors and partners that include the Sarnia Lambton Construction and Building Trades Council (especially… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Deliberately loud, illegal vehicles have me seeing red

Brian Clarke Countless letters to the editor, petitions and phone calls to the mayor’s office over the years have highlighted this community’s ongoing problem with so-called “redliners.” Redliners are the owners of deliberately loud and often illegal vehicles (under the Ontario Traffic Act) who flaunt the law and deny their fellow citizens the right to peace… Read more »

Week of June 10

Exposing children to experimental vaccine wrong Sir: I’m astounded that the government is allowing youth ages 12 and up to receive a medical procedure without parental consent. I’m referring to the administration of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which is still in the experimental stage (a vaccine is usually tested a minimum of two years before… Read more »

OPINION: Vandalism of Cenotaph soldier an insult to community

Phil Egan & Mary-Jane Egan It was a stinging slap in the face to the memories of all who have answered Canada’s call to arms. What’s more, it desecrated the sacrifice of Sarnia’s fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen whose names, in the hundreds, are recorded on the Cenotaph in Veterans Park. Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley spoke… Read more »