Letters, week of Sept. 25

Showcasing Sarnia to others Sir: My co-workers at CMHA Middlesex have wondered why I commute from Sarnia to London for work. I compare my travel to that of a Torontonian, or even a Londoner, who takes an hour on public transit to reach the job. It just works that way for some people. This past… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Names can hurt you

Kelly Dowswell Cruella de Vil … Skunk… Those were just two of the names I got called growing up. But really, when you have not one but two natural white streaks in your hair, it’s not all that surprising. I was about three years old when my parents saw my hair go white. They had… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: An amazing trick for hummingbirds

Ginny Schleihauf I stood on Clara’s deck on the outskirts of Sarnia with a bit of doubt. But I thought I should give her the courtesy of waiting a few minutes to see what happened. Clara, whose friends call her “Raz,” claims she feeds hummingbirds. That didn’t seem strange … until she told me she… Read more »

OPINION: New life for old hospital

George Mathewson Sarnia got rid of a millstone last week when city council agreed to sell the Sarnia General Hospital site to five local investors for $1,000. Sarnia owns the land but Bluewater Health owns the building, which has been a boarded-up eyesore for three years now. If all the conditions were met the end… Read more »

Letters, week of Sept. 18

  Feds not on hook for health costs Sir: Re: Ron Prior’s letter last week. Mr. Prior states that it is beyond him why the Canada Border Services Agency ignored the health risk posed by the arrival of Nigerian students at Lambton College. I am going to venture an explanation, which also points to one of… Read more »

OPINION: Dabbling in witchcraft

George Mathewson News that a Quebec man has been charged with falsely practicing witchcraft is a reminder that sorcery and black magic didn’t start and end in colonial Salem, Massachusetts. In fact, one of the most spectacular cases of witchcraft in Canadian history involved a teacher from Lambton County, who was charged following a series of… Read more »

Letters, week of Sept. 11

Visiting students pose health risk Sir: Re: Ebola screening at Lambton College First, I wish to compliment our Sarnia Journal writers and staff. Thanks for the local news and events. On reading the Sept. 4 Ebola article I had neighbours and friend come to me with comments, so I am also speaking for others on… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Lifejackets only work when worn

Sarah Jones Whether you’re a dedicated weekend boater or a casual Sunday kayaker, there’s enough summer left to take your safety seriously when out on the water. Ken Marion is local boater with 30 years of experience whose favourite spot is the St. Clair River. “Unless the water gets rough, I really don’t use lifejackets…. Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Toronto soaks up the funding

Bryan Trothen The Ontario government is putting $100 million into rehabilitating Ontario Place, the Toronto waterfront facility that has been closed since 2012 after running up a $15-billion debt because visitors stopped coming and revenues declined. Meanwhile Sarnia is getting no provincial help at all to rehabilitate its waterfront Centennial Park, which was only partly… Read more »

OPINION: Chronicles of Sarnia, Part 2

George Mathewson The city we call home is the only one on the planet called Sarnia, but people and places with the same name continue to pop up in far-flung corners of the globe. Back in March we ran a story called, ‘Chronicles of Sarnia: the lion, the lodge and the landscaper,’ which identified 10… Read more »