OPINION: Workers winning drug testing fight

George Mathewson Should Canadian companies be able to randomly test their workers for drugs and alcohol? Because of a workplace incident in Sarnia the answer to that question has become a little clearer. The Chemical Valley has long been a key battleground in a tense legal fight that pits a company’s requirement to provide a… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

Lynae Morningstar It’s the New Year and our resolutions are fresh and fancy. Most of us have great ambitions and great intentions but we fall desperately short of our aspirations. As a gym owner, I see firsthand how difficult it is for most people to reach their goals, even though everyone starts with good intentions…. Read more »

Letters, week of Jan. 8

Frustrated by homeless shelter closure Sir: Thank you George Mathewson for exposing the abuse of taxpayer’s money in the homeless court fight. And for exposing the sad “not in my neighbourhood” mentality of some residents here on Mitton Street. Most people don’t choose to be homeless. And River City Vineyard was kind enough to open… Read more »

OPINION: Homeless court fight a pathetic waste

George Mathewson Sarnia’s dogged court fight to prevent The River City Vineyard church from giving homeless people a hot meal and a bed for the night has cost taxpayers $163,730.39. So far. What city hall has spent on legal fees could have provided several thousand homeless people with emergency overnight accommodation. The money paid to… Read more »

Letters, week of Dec. 24

Building road over trail a poor compromise Sir: I am sincerely grateful to Fern Noel, city staff and other community minded volunteers who, in past years, worked to create the Howard Watson nature trail. Sarnia is such a great place to live because of its special assets — Canatara Park, Centennial Park, the river front,… Read more »

COLUMN: Thank you Mrs. King, and Merry Christmas

Tara Jeffrey My Christmas tree is a far cry from anything you’ll see in a catalogue. Most of the ornaments are homemade or hand-me-downs; there’s no theme, and nothing matches, but each one has its own story. One ornament, in particular, gets special treatment — a red wooden doll, hanging from a gold string. She’s… Read more »

Letters, week of Dec. 18

Nothing for teens to do in Sarnia Sir: My name is Emma and I am 13-years-old. I am writing to address a concern I have. Many have not noticed that there is simply nothing for teens to do in Sarnia! It is a daily struggle for me and my friends to find beneficial things to… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: When Christmas shopping was an adventure

Nadine Wark “Do you have your money for shopping?” I questioned my younger sister, Adrienne. Yes, she had her money, and I had mine.  The ‘country girls’ were going to the big city for Christmas shopping. The year was 1959; I was twelve years old and my sister, eight.  The village of Corunna was not… Read more »

OPINION: On flu, the flag and flunking a job interview

George Mathewson Large quantities of information cross The Journal’s news desk each week and some of it is even interesting. Here is more bumpf that for one reason or another couldn’t find a home elsewhere in the newspaper. Why bugs win If you become infected with the flu virus you are most contagious in the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Live music is the real deal

David Nichols There is a growing evidence to show that listening to live music concerts is not only pleasurable, but a benefit to your physical and emotional health. All of the positive impacts of listening to music are augmented when the music is live. Music promotes relaxation, sharpens our thinking processes, and even alleviates anxieties…. Read more »