Letters: week of Dec. 20

Sarnia’s CAO has done a great job of managing the city’s business Sir: Over the past few months, I have witnessed an increasing number of negative attacks on this city’s CAO. These attacks, often including misstatements about finance, have come from a rural newspaper publisher and from a new city councillor during the election campaign…. Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 13

New city councillor outlines his downtown improvement plan Sir: I’ve lived, served and worked downtown Sarnia for over twelve years. I’ve seen it turn from a barren and unpromising place in the mid-2000s to the heart of Sarnia’s culture, brimming with potential. As a new city councillor, I am committed to creating opportunities downtown, and propose… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Battling our hurtful ‘Internal Critic’ consumes a lot of energy

  Matt Barnes Harsh, hurtful, degrading – they all describe the all-too-powerful words that can come from our “internal critic.” We all have a critic, although the ferocity and loudness varies. As a clinical social worker, I often get a front-and-centre view into how universal and common the internal critic is in our minds.  … Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 29

Black Friday is a black hole of consumption   Sir: The influence of our U.S. neighbour is clearly evident as we are lured into the black hole of Black Friday. It is so sadly ironic that the concept of giving thanks for what we already have is “celebrated” with flailing elbows, rushing to outrun others… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Ford’s attack on French-language services should concern us all

Christopher Ralph I understand it’s commonly accepted by most Canadians that politicians lie. Usually, we shrug and move on – as is the Canadian way. However, there are rare moments when those broken promises truly affect a vulnerable population, which can set a community back decades. Such broken promises merit intervention, and retraction. At the… Read more »

Excited Sarnians agog when the “Chautauqua” rolled into town

Phil Egan U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt called it “the great travelling university” and by the time it arrived in Sarnia in 1918, Chautauqua had been going four decades. Immensely popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, “The Chautauqua” was designed to both entertain and educate. It was a festival of culture and featured… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 22

Seniors knew what they were doing Sir:  Mr. Peter Clarke (Nov. 1 letter) apparently believes that well-paid union members and seniors equally well paid from the public purse were totally responsible for Sarnia’s election results. If so, then a hearty “well done” to them. Hard-working union members keep the gas and electricity running to our… Read more »