Letters: week of Nov. 12

Only God can determine when we die Sir: Regarding the Oct. 22 article, “More residents opting for medically assisted death.” Wow. Another huge example of misdirected compassion when a family physician can actually come forward and say, upon euthanizing her first patient, it was “an amazing and beautiful experience.” Attributing her ability to perform medically… Read more »

OPINION: Here’s the best way to get rid of Halloween pumpkins

  Bob Boulton This year we celebrated Thanksgiving and Halloween as best we could, given the circumstances. As usual, it’s been a season of sugar overload, carbohydrates, and the full pumpkin experience. But now that it’s over I wonder how my feelings about something so ubiquitous, so cheerful and so orange could change so quickly…. Read more »

OPINION: Weekend spent at haunted house was a memorable one

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the skies on Halloween night this year will feature a rare blue moon – so called because it’s the second in a single calendar month. Full moons, especially at Halloween, always remind me of one memorable autumn night spent in a place called Little Valley, New York. Little Valley is… Read more »

Letters: week of Oct. 22

Irked by speeders, dangerous sidewalks Sir: In moving to Corunna I have found two major problems. Number one is the drag strip known as Hill Street. Residents have put up signs that say, “slow down,” but they’ve been worthless. Number two, the sidewalks from the Park to the St. Clair Parkway. They are a complete… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: One family’s devastating experience with infant loss

Holly Barnes Recently my grieving daughter presented me with a ‘Rainbow Hat’ to wear this October to observe Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Her beautiful baby boy, Griffin, was born “sleeping” on Jan. 17, 2020. Because of her many struggles with fertility, he was considered her Miracle Baby. His arrival was anxiously anticipated with… Read more »

OPINION: Why are storks associated with newborn babies, anyway?

In my family’s new normal during COVID-19, Friday night has become Zoo Night. For several months now, Laurie and I have watched episodes of “Secrets of the Zoo” – back-to-back shows on the Smithsonian Network. The separate one-hour episodes are filmed at zoos in Tampa, Florida and Columbus, Ohio. One recent episode featured storks, and… Read more »

Letters: week of Oct. 8

Why are we paying good money to police a U.S. event? Sir: Regarding the St. Clair River “floatdown” by U.S. residents. Why do we spend hard-earned Canadian dollars on Coast Guard, police and RCMP patrol boats and helicopters for this event each summer, some probably on premium time? For a planned American event that most… Read more »

The old Chamber and Mr. Bennett’s blinkin’ begonias

  In difficult times like these I take considerable comfort in small pleasures. Like the chirp of crickets on an early fall evening, or yellow mums spread out across a garden centre floor. And my memory of Mr. Bennett’s blinkin’ begonias. Those begonias were like a parent’s favourite children — just as wonderful and just… Read more »