GUEST COLUMN: Imagine being uprooted from your home

Nathan Colquhoun The Kettle and Stony Point First Nation sent in trucks and workers late last year to remove barriers on Ipperwash Beach that had been there for 40 years. There followed an uprising of non-aboriginal residents, and some of them even took to erecting their own makeshift barrier in response. In the 1940s the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: The siren call of garden catalogues

Ginny Schleihauf Garden catalogues sing the song of the sirens. They promise everything our conscious minds say is impossible: plants that are maintenance free, deer and rabbit resistant, drought tolerant, and that flower in sun or shade from May to September. We know that this can’t be – that no plant can do all these… Read more »

Letters, week of Jan. 29

Our laws and culture not based on Christianity Re: Letter of Jan. 22, ‘Our culture based on Judeo-Christian values.’ In it, Rick Kneller states, ‘Our democracy, judicial system and social mores are firmly based on Judeo-Christian values and ethics.’ The fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth. Our laws… Read more »

OPINION: eBingo a game-changer for charities

George Mathewson After being thrown overboard during Ontario’s rush to slot machine riches, the operators of bingo halls that are still afloat have finally been tossed a lifeline. Sarnia once had 11 bingo halls and vied with Windsor for the title of Bingo Capital of Ontario. Today, we have one lone survivor, Bingo Country, which… Read more »

Letters, week of Jan. 22

  Our culture based on Judeo-Christian values Sir: Re: Christian traditions lost I read with interest Mr. Schlitz’ letter of recent date. Although there is a scintilla of merit to it, I find it to contain a very superficial view of the term Christian fellowship. To me, it does not just mean that Christians should… Read more »

Growing up, according to the law

George Mathewson If you want to get married, how old do you have to be? Can a 16-year-old legally have sex with anyone? When can you quit school? Exactly when children can do what in Ontario is determined by dozens of pieces of legislation. Following is a summary of our age-based laws. 4 – You… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Look out Mars, here we come

Laura Austin The space ship Orion took its maiden voyage on Dec. 5.  It was scheduled to launch the day before but was plagued with interruptions, including a ship being in the launch area, strong winds and frozen valves. My belief is that everything happens for a reason and Orion was destined to launch when… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Let’s get a handle on coffee mugs

Sheila Kozmin The serving staff at some of Sarnia’s coffee shops has been giving me the finger! They need to get a handle on this. Let me explain. Like many Canadians I love my Timmy’s, or a facsimile.  And I like it served in a china mug. Herein lies the problem; when the server hands… Read more »