Who are these people?

When Annette Zylstra’s mother bought a framed print of a seascape at the Bible for Missions Thrift Shop in Sarnia a decade she had no idea it contained a mystery. Years later, she discovered this photo hiding behind the print of what appears to be a comfortable family gathered in a photographer’s studio. The Zylstras… Read more »

Letters, week of Feb. 19

Why CCAC workers are on strike Sir: Wow, in the last week I have learned a lot about what the papers and radio report. So I now want to speak. My colleagues and I who work for the Erie St. Clair Community Care Access Center (CCAC) are not striking for the moon, we are striking… Read more »

OPINION: County sued for rubbing salt in the wound

George Mathewson A Lambton County farmer who doggedly fought back when his fields were damaged by excessive road salt has shown why you should never give up when treated poorly. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice awarded Joseph Steadman and his wife Evelyn $107,352 last month for crop losses and devalued lands, a decision that… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: The day the NHL came to town

Randy Evans For the Sarnia Legionnaires, the 1956-57 hockey season was a heady one. Led by coach Stu Cousins and general manager Tom Norris, the Legion began their third season by signing as a farm team of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks. Bolstered by imports sent to town by the Hawks, the Legion went on to… Read more »

Rape survivor forgives her abusers

Renee Card Shame. The type of deep-seated shame that infiltrates every thought and emotion, severely impeding your ability to function as a “normal” human being. Shame triggered by sexual abuse. I am one who lived my life buried in shame. I was abused for several years, beginning at age 13. While being abused by one man, I was… Read more »

Letters, week of Feb. 12

Sarnians drive too fast, says Ebike rider Sir: Upon reading the article in last week’s newspaper on the lack of driving etiquette, I could not help but recall a number of close calls that I’ve had while driving in Sarnia. Many people may have seen me riding around the city on my Ebike. Unfortunately, there… Read more »

OPINION: About those jobless numbers

George Mathewson Sarnia still has not yet fully recovered from the Great Recession of 2008, but it is getting there. Another good sign arrived last week in a report showing Sarnia-Lambton’s unemployment rate fell to 7.3% in November. That’s the lowest it’s been in five years, and a pretty dramatic improvement from early in 2012… Read more »

Letters, week of Feb. 5

  Surplus food going to waste Sir: We are relatively new to Sarnia (seven years) and are dismayed at the large number of people who require support for their basic needs, and in particular food. From experience in the UK, prior to our move to Canada, we were involved with the same problems and were… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: An open letter to my health minister

Tara Jeffrey Attn: Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins As you know, officials at my local hospital recently announced plans to slash jobs across the board in order to save some $6 million — a gut-punch, so-to-speak, to nearly every department at Bluewater Health, from diagnostic imaging to lab workers, to registered nurses. In fact, the Ontario… Read more »