OPINION: Noise complaint gets tuned out

Everyone has a noise they hate. Mine is barking dogs. Still, I can’t dredge up much sympathy for the lone music critic whose noise complaint could have derailed the outdoor concert series at Paddy Flaherty’s. In recent years the Irish pub on Seaway Road has lured some remarkably high-end talent to its patio stage. Juno… Read more »

Letters, Week of July 24

Reader saddened by painful death Sir: I was shocked, saddened and disappointed when I read Shelley Smith’s letter about her mom’s “physician assisted dying.” I don’t know if it was a lack of communication or misunderstanding but it sounds just terrible. I applaud her for bringing it to our attention. First of all, where was… Read more »

OPINION: Ontario’s watchdog barks and bites

Ontario’s Ombudsman is getting more oversight to probe complaints about schools and municipalities, and I say Hallelujah. Andre Marin has been a breath of fresh air for nearly a decade now, bravely stirring the thick fug of secretive government ministries, intransigent agencies and opaque Crown corporations. With the passage of Bill 8, the Accountability Act,… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Why are food banks still necessary?

I often get asked this question because food banks, started in the early ‘80s, were intended to be a temporary measure until the economy improved. Yet, 33 years later, they are an important service in every community because of structural changes in our society. The sad fact is food banks are here to stay. Historically,… Read more »

OPINION: Nothing but the facts, ma’am

Large quantities of information cross The Journal’s news desk each week, and some of it is even interesting. Here are seven bits of bumpf about our city that for one reason or another couldn’t a home anywhere else in the newspaper. 1- Sarnia’s average household income in 2012 was $93,283.  That ranks us in the… Read more »

Math scores don’t add up

Dana Petko Where’s the math? With Lambton County student math scores in decline the past few years, it’s a question we need to ask ourselves.  And it’s not just local math scores that are dropping; Ontario and Canadian students haven’t rated as well lately either. Results from EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) testing in… Read more »

Letters, Week of July 17

UFO sightings over Sarnia explained Sir: I am very happy to hear that people are looking up and asking questions about what is in the universe. From the statements in The Journal from the people who claim to have seen Unidentified Flying Objects, I might be able to identify them. The “Orange Orb” that seems to… Read more »


In a July 10 story, Bill Abercrombie was identified as the property owner who, in 2006, intended to build a sporting goods store on a portion of the former CN right-of-way at Wellington Street. The development did not go ahead, and Abercrombie says he sold the property about four years ago. A subsequent owner dumped… Read more »

Letters, week of July 10

Mother’s death was horrifying I’m assuming that “physician-assisted” dying is not applicable in Sarnia. I say this because my Mom was allowed to die in palliative care but without any assistance from a physician (whatever that is.) I think people need to be aware of exactly what takes place after making such a decision for… Read more »

Guest Column: Sarnia’s entry in the First World War

Randy Evans August 5th, 2014 marks the centenary of Canada’s entry into the First World War. The Declaration of War upon Germany began a cross-country enlistment and the eventual conscription of some 600,000 individuals who would make up the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. With a population of just 10,000 Sarnia joined in with its contribution to… Read more »