Week of September 23

Tarzanland is no place for an asphalt jungle Sir: It would seem we seldom see a nice, quiet wooded trail that cannot be improved by pavement. Case in point is the proposal to asphalt a path through our cherished “Tarzanland” in Canatara Park. Many streets in our community COULD use a large dose of that… Read more »

Week of September 16

Builders and developers are contributing to housing shortage Sir: Mario Fazio’s guest column of Sept. 9 (“Government caused housing mess and now wants to fix it?”) caught my interest. Mr. Fazio puts the blame on governments and their environmental and archeological regulations, while absolving developers, builders and foreign buyers of blame. But we should look at… Read more »

Week of September 9

Requiring people to have vaccine passports a bad idea Sir: Brian Clarke’s letter of Aug. 29, “Vaccine passports needed if we’re to return to normal living,” contains so much twisted thinking it’s hard to know where to start. His support for vaccine passports is only one step away from forced vaccinations (though he would, apparently,… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Democracy is fragile, so push candidates to protect it

Bob Sutton Canadians are aware that toxic political “debates,” both during and between elections, are causing many of us to disrespect the institution of government and the processes of democracy itself. It’s time we stopped letting platform promises be the sole focus of those seeking elected office. It’s time for us to question candidates directly… Read more »

Week of August 26

Future of the waterfront: escalators and a Ferris wheel? Sir: After reading the article “Survey says: City waterfront needs more things to do” (Aug. 12), I had to wonder if the 1,800 people polled were actually residents of Sarnia. The only way that the waterfront could be better connected to downtown would be by adding… Read more »