Letters: week of Nov. 26

Graffiti, artistic expression, covered by the same brush Sir: Recently I drove under the Highway 402 overpass at Colborne Road and noticed the most disgusting graffiti. Well, actually it was a blob of grey paint that now covers up what was once a creative sign of positivity. I am referring to the city’s covering up… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 19

Online shopping easy but fraught with many hidden problems Sir: Online shopping is great – until something goes wrong. The steps involved in the transaction can easily trick you into thinking, ‘This is great.’ Great product (look at the reviews!) great price and delivery. But then, a month later the product they said would be… Read more »

Well Read

This photograph shows what is believed to be members of the Sarnia Collegiate Literary Society, taken in 1919 or 1920. The school was located on London Road and soon after moved into the new SCITS building on Wellington Street, now empty and declared redundant. The photo is from the collection of Ann Manore Middleton. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 12

Only God can determine when we die Sir: Regarding the Oct. 22 article, “More residents opting for medically assisted death.” Wow. Another huge example of misdirected compassion when a family physician can actually come forward and say, upon euthanizing her first patient, it was “an amazing and beautiful experience.” Attributing her ability to perform medically… Read more »

OPINION: Here’s the best way to get rid of Halloween pumpkins

  Bob Boulton This year we celebrated Thanksgiving and Halloween as best we could, given the circumstances. As usual, it’s been a season of sugar overload, carbohydrates, and the full pumpkin experience. But now that it’s over I wonder how my feelings about something so ubiquitous, so cheerful and so orange could change so quickly…. Read more »

OPINION: Weekend spent at haunted house was a memorable one

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the skies on Halloween night this year will feature a rare blue moon – so called because it’s the second in a single calendar month. Full moons, especially at Halloween, always remind me of one memorable autumn night spent in a place called Little Valley, New York. Little Valley is… Read more »