Letters: week of Mar. 12

Free lead filters for older homes Sir: Regarding city council’s March 2 decision not to supply free lead filters to older homes and businesses. When it comes to the lead pipes in Sarnia’s south end, I am really dismayed by the latest city staff report. How can we measure people’s health against dollars? There could… Read more »

OPINION: Horticultural Society marks 100 years of beautification

On the first day of July, 1875, Sarnia celebrated a milestone accomplishment. A splendid new waterworks had been constructed, and with it came unexpected results. The fire brigade, naturally, had a powerful new weapon to fight fires. Street sprinklers began to control road dust, more drinking troughs for horses appeared, and outhouses were torn down… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 5

Pipeline protest from local Indigenous community confusing   Sir: I’m confused. Aren’t Sarnia’s native people being hypocritical when they protest against pipelines? Sarnia’s Chemical Valley has so many pipelines, and the band is involved with them through contracts. Since Sarnia hasn’t had a pipeline spill, shouldn’t we be commending our companies, and maybe let the… Read more »

OPINION: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to City Hall

Bryan Trothen Sarnia councillors are now into their second year of decision-making, and one item they accepted without comment recently was their own attendance report. Two members of council attended all 39 regular and special meetings in 2019, and none missed more than three. In terms of attendance, all nine have been exemplary. But attendance… Read more »