Letters: week of Dec. 19

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread Sir: I would like to respond to the Dec. 12 letter from Peter Degraaf, “Majority of Christians die at piece but atheists – not so much.” Yes, I do read the Bible, which in Matthew 5:22 states: “Whosoever shall say, ‘Thou fool,’ shall be in danger of hellfire.”… Read more »

OPINION: A century ago, city fire alarm had bugs to work out

  It was a public relations disaster for embarrassed city fathers. On December 11, 1918 an insurance underwriter arrived from Toronto to witness a demonstration of the city’s new fire alarm system. For the occasion, Mayor James Crawford assembled some city aldermen at an alarm box located beside the former Vendome Hotel, at Front and… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 12

Christians die at peace, atheists not so much Sir: Regarding the Nov. 21 article by Troy Shantz: ‘Skeptic club bringing cleric-turned-atheist back to town.’ By definition, “atheism” is the position that there are no deities. In order to claim there is no deity, i.e. no god, we can presume the atheist searched every nook and… Read more »

OPINION: What are the next steps for mental health awareness?

Matt Barnes Mental health — two words even our grandparents are putting together these days without implying we should just ‘suck it up’ and ‘be strong.’ The movement to accept mental health awareness has picked up so much momentum that even outdated beliefs of yesteryear can’t slow it down now. From Bell’s ‘Let’s Talk Day’… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 5

Tech great, but people make health care Sir: After reading Phil Egan’s Nov. 21 article (New device to make stethoscope a museum piece) it prompts me to communicate my latest ‘adventure’ regarding our public health system. This past week I experienced the latter first hand through spending several days at the local hospital. My experience is not one… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 28

Why so few votes for Christian Heritage? Sir: Reviewing this past federal election, and previous elections since 1986, one has to be puzzled by the pathetic low polling of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP). By virtue of what they stand for they have, in my opinion, the only legitimate claim to the throne…. Read more »

OPINION: Restrict student cell phone use at school? Absolutely

Marg Johnson Ontario took the bold move on Nov. 4 of restricting student use of mobile devices in the classroom. Going forward, cellphones and tablets can only be used during instructional time when approved by the teacher, or for health and medical purposes. It’s a solid strategy, and if it manages to withstand a full-out… Read more »