Week of March 24

Health Coalition fighting privatization of health care Sir: On Feb 1 Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot stated that independent health facilities would be allowed to operate private hospitals, to help with the backlog of medical procedures and surgeries built up during COVID. “Independent health facilities” is another way of saying private, for-profit clinics. She was… Read more »

Week of March 10

Councillors who failed diversity training shouldn’t run city Sir: I was quite shocked to read in The Journal (Feb. 24) that some Sarnia city councillors drove away a diversity trainer from Toronto due to their hostile behaviour. After a two-hour training session on Zoom the trainer refused to work any further with the city. The… Read more »

Week of February 24

Really? Comparing Canada to communist China. Give me a break Sir: “F*ck Trudeau” is a flag seen at almost every Freedom Convoy gathering. Its vulgarity is often accompanied by claims the current P.M. should be tried for treason and COVID-19 mandates are tyrannical. Some placards liken Canada to “Communist China.” Interesting. How well might these… Read more »