OPINION: Embracing back-to-home comforts in a stressful time

Plato had it right. Necessity is the mother of invention. The more we’re faced with adversity the more creative we get. So the longer we’re forced to isolate at home, the more innovative we become. Rather than go stir crazy, we’re clearing store shelves of flour and yeast. We’re buying up vegetable seed and ordering topsoil. And… Read more »

OPINION: The Journal going forward, and our strange new normal

George Mathewson Where have you been? We heard that a lot last week after many residents searched in vain for The Journal in the usual mailboxes and stores. Here’s the explanation. Because of the COVID-19 emergency and its devastating impact on our advertisers we have switched from weekly to biweekly publication, at least for the… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 26

Rebuild of the Sarnia Sting will continue next season Sir: Another season of Sarnia Sting hockey has come to an end. It began with player injuries and suspensions, and Sarnia went 0-7 to start the year. Then the Sting won eight of the next 10 games and things started looking good. But there were more… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 19

Are county councillors victims of ‘stupid gas? Sir: Many of us have seen those old Batman episodes from the 1960’s TV series where the Commissioner, his police officers and even Batman and Robin get flummoxed by the Joker or the Riddler. After unleashing a noxious gas that renders the protagonists “stupid,” the good guys become… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 12

Free lead filters for older homes Sir: Regarding city council’s March 2 decision not to supply free lead filters to older homes and businesses. When it comes to the lead pipes in Sarnia’s south end, I am really dismayed by the latest city staff report. How can we measure people’s health against dollars? There could… Read more »