The week of April 28

Doug Ford’s PC government has failed true conservative voters Sir: I have been extremely disappointed with the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party governing this province and can no longer support it for numerous reasons: 1) Doug Ford and the PCs were against the carbon tax, then caved, and allowed a carbon tax to be implemented. 2)… Read more »

The week of April 21

Cuban boycott would only hurt the innocent Sir: The April 7 letter “Cuban vacations help support war in Ukraine” had merit, but boycotting an entire nation is not the answer. It may be true that Cuban resort hotels are owned by government entities, but to cancel a whole country of individuals who rely on the… Read more »

The week of April 7

Remembering Al Brogden, a mentor from a more collegial era Sir: Al Brogden passed away recently. I served with him on Sarnia Council in my first term, back in 1997. I was the greenest of green politicians at the time and I sat next to Al up there in the big chairs. When I was… Read more »