Letters: week of Feb. 6

A royal flush Sir: Concerning royalty, somebody once stated that there are only four recognized kings: the king of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The rest are jokers.   Ken Lockrey Sarnia     Employment opportunity at Bruce nuclear generating station Sir: A recent job posting has come to my attention from AECON and the… Read more »

OPINION: Our priceless waterfront needs a comprehensive vision

Steve Loxton & Mark Andrews For decades, Sarnia councils have neglected, ignored, or short-changed shoreline protection along one of our community’s most priceless public assets; the right-of-way on old Lakeshore Road in Bright’s Grove. Now, record high lake levels are teaching us expensive lessons about the high costs of neglect. Recently, new funding was finally… Read more »

Letters: week of Jan. 16

People, not God, cause human misery Sir: In his Dec. 19 letter, Paul Pinel stated Hitler was a Christian and implied Stalin was also. While it is true both these men had some religious upbringing, it ends there. Stalin’s father was a very cruel alcoholic, according to Wikipedia. His mother was a deeply religious woman… Read more »

Letters: week of Jan. 9

Atheists are in denial Sir: I am responding to the Dec. 19 letter from Paul Pinel, “This atheist is curious about but not afraid of the hereafter. “ The atheist dost protest too much, methinks. The first atheist I heard speak was Charles Templeton. He used to preach with Billy Graham until, as he tells… Read more »