Letters: week of Mar. 21

Offering a brief comment on a long complaint Sir: Regarding the March 14 story, “Code of conduct complaint cites mayor, councillors.” The key word for the complainant, Matt Mitro, is “ex-councillor.” ‘Nuff said! Steve Anderson Sarnia     Recognizing an exceptional couple and all they do for community Sir: Amid the recent elegance and eloquence of… Read more »

OPINION: When hockey talk was rife with misogyny, homophobia

Troy Shantz When former Sting forward Daniel Carcillo went public last fall with revelations of hockey ‘hazing’ that took place while a rookie in Sarnia, the impact was felt here and abroad. In the weeks that followed, several teammates confirmed the gruesome allegations, and added a few of their own. How could this happen? Where… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 14

Looking forward to a city council that works in harmony Sir: Having watched the last council meeting, I must remark on how refreshing it was to witness Coun. Brian White state that he, along with the others, was prepared to lift the sanctions placed upon the mayor by the previous council, and saying, that since… Read more »

Letters: week of March 7

Seniors “Handyman” program could close unless funding found Sir: As of March 31, the United Way will stop funding to the Lambton Seniors Association’s “Handyman” service because the Association will not agree to a financial “Means Test” for seniors who desire its services. The Lambton Seniors Association consists of retired seniors who are qualified in… Read more »

Letters: week of Feb. 28

Mayor’s comments typical of Central Canadian smugness Sir: I recently watched an interview that Mayor Mike Bradley did with CBC on saving the jobs of people that work at SNC-Lavalin, at any cost. I would sum up his comments as: “We need to protect organized corporate crime in Eastern Canada as it supplies thousands of… Read more »

Letters, week of Feb. 21

The “plate method” provides a visual guide to healthy eating Sir: I have seen various responses to Canada’s revised food guide. In 2017, I was devastated to be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), as it has wreaked havoc on many of my family members. One of the easiest ways to know how much and what to… Read more »