Week of November 18

MP Gladu spreading dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 Sir: Can Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu please confirm where she received her medical degree? I have to assume, based on the information she’s sharing, that it came from YouTube University. How many times is she going to share COVID-19 misinformation and get away with it, with little more… Read more »

The week of November 4

Please, don’t let pandemic rob us of respect for others Sir: I was dismayed at Marg Johnson’s piece in your Oct. 7 edition titled “Self-centred vaccine whiners missing the Big Picture.” When has it ever been OK to resort to bullying, name-calling and blanket stereotyping to get your point across? Ms. Johnson’s piece is a… Read more »

Week of October 21

Our democracy has been replaced by edicts and tyranny Sir: I notice a trend these days is for many Western governments and mainstream media to blame the non-vaccinated for increased COVID-19 deaths and infections. Yet evidence to the contrary from virologists and doctors is shunned and their findings labelled conspiracy theories. In true democracies, an… Read more »

Week of October 7

Young woman’s act of kindness touched our hearts Sir: We would like to thank the valuable employee of a busy Sarnia coffee shop who helped us out recently. We were looking in to see if a table was available inside, but many students from the high school were already lined up and waiting, so we… Read more »

Week of September 23

Tarzanland is no place for an asphalt jungle Sir: It would seem we seldom see a nice, quiet wooded trail that cannot be improved by pavement. Case in point is the proposal to asphalt a path through our cherished “Tarzanland” in Canatara Park. Many streets in our community COULD use a large dose of that… Read more »

Week of September 16

Builders and developers are contributing to housing shortage Sir: Mario Fazio’s guest column of Sept. 9 (“Government caused housing mess and now wants to fix it?”) caught my interest. Mr. Fazio puts the blame on governments and their environmental and archeological regulations, while absolving developers, builders and foreign buyers of blame. But we should look at… Read more »