Letters: week of April 18

Come on, people. It’s a paper bag. Fight your way out of it   Sir: We’ve been watching for the barrage of expected complaints regarding the mandatory use of paper bags for leaf pick-up starting July 1. It amazes us how quickly some residents are compelled to defend their lack of imagination. They should try… Read more »

Letters: week of April 11

A heartfelt, if belated, thank you Sir: My family wishes to congratulate the Purdy Family on the 120th anniversary of Purdy Fishery, and to add a personal thank you for rescuing our nine-year-old mother, Lillian Wheatley Francis, from Lake Huron in 1913. Although the four Wheatley children, ages 7, 9, 11 & 13, were forbidden… Read more »

Letters: week of April 4

IC Robert Swayze’s final report to council was unprofessional Sir: I thought it unprofessional that in his last report to Sarnia council former integrity commissioner Robert Swayze called on his successor, Paul Watson, to do his best to make sure council “works respectfully and co-operatively” with city staff. Mr. Swayze is free to feel and… Read more »

Letters: week of March 28

City Hall proposal for residents to clear public sidewalks absurd Sir: I would like to thank reporter Troy Shantz for keeping me informed about the city’s antics in his Feb. 28 article, “City Hall pondering bylaw that would make sidewalk shovelling mandatory.” So, the city wants ME to clear snow from THEIR sidewalks! I am opposed to the… Read more »