When radio stations provided soundtrack to our lives

Bob Boulton “More mayhem in the Motor City!” Dick Smyth’s urgent news delivery assaulted us, each new catastrophe punctuated with teletype clacking in the background. Our Sarnia home in the early 1960s was two worlds, separated by radio. Mornings around the breakfast table were for Sarnia’s own CHOK. Its community news and playlist of hummable… Read more »

Week of April 29

Petrolia froze its spending, why can’t Sarnia? Sir: Sarnia council recently met to discuss a staff proposal for a new user fee on taxpayers to pay for stormwater sewer work. Didn’t they just make a huge increase in the 2021 capital budget, with a significant increase to water and sewer rates for taxpayers? And now they want even… Read more »

OPINION: Another compendium of curious stuff from Sarnia’s past

Randy Evans BUSY GUY – After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in architecture, Chester Charles Woods (1890-1970) returned to his native Sarnia to ply his profession. By the time he was done, Woods had designed 12 Ontario hospitals, 10 movie houses (including one in Sarnia), London Road Public School (1920), Johnston… Read more »

Week of April 8

Why does Sarnia have a noise bylaw if it’s not enforced? Sir: I read with interest the article in the March 25 edition regarding business owners defying the lockdown order. To me, the interesting point was the fact that Sarnia actually had two bylaw enforcement officers supported by four uniformed Sarnia Police officers swiftly move… Read more »

Week of March 25

Plastic just isn’t my bag Sir: In response to Peter Smith’s Feb. 25 letter, “Plastic surgery needed,” I fully concur that the general public needs a major awareness check in regards to our plastic-polluted environment. I admit to months of retraining my own shopping habits. Now, if I forget my reusable bags, I opt for… Read more »