Letters: week of Dec. 10

Lamenting the loss of a threatened and unloved woodlot Sir: Regarding the Sept. 15 article, ‘Hundreds of new homes proposed for The Point.’ It looks like the end is near for a little piece of wilderness at the end of Exmouth Street. Lambton County has not designated it as a protected woodlot, and the Village… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 3

Kudos to The Journal for Remembrance edition Sir: I was deeply moved when I became the shared-reader of your Nov. 11, 2020 Sarnia Journal. This is how it happened. Years ago we lived in Sarnia and made many good and lasting friends in your city. In November, one of these dear friends called and told… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 26

Graffiti, artistic expression, covered by the same brush Sir: Recently I drove under the Highway 402 overpass at Colborne Road and noticed the most disgusting graffiti. Well, actually it was a blob of grey paint that now covers up what was once a creative sign of positivity. I am referring to the city’s covering up… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 19

Online shopping easy but fraught with many hidden problems Sir: Online shopping is great – until something goes wrong. The steps involved in the transaction can easily trick you into thinking, ‘This is great.’ Great product (look at the reviews!) great price and delivery. But then, a month later the product they said would be… Read more »