Week of January 14

Reader saddened to see another woodlot targetted Sir: While curiously reading the Nov. 26 article entitled “Point Spread,” I was disappointed and saddened to see yet another stand of trees is falling victim to development. The Venetian Boulevard woodlot is home to the Butler’s garter snake – an endangered species in Ontario – and many… Read more »

OPINION: Thanks, but addiction funding did not go far enough

For me, the letdown was like ordering a bestselling book and getting just the first chapter in the mail. A good start, but nothing close to what I wanted. Local mental health workers probably felt the same after the Ontario government announced last week Sarnia is getting a temporary, 12-bed residential facility for residents to… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 24

Carrier’s kind act will help widower get through Christmas Sir: On Oct. 17 I lost my wife to COPD after a long battle. We loved to sit together on our front porch and watch people going by, and one of the things we enjoyed was a grandfather and his granddaughter delivering the Sarnia Journal. They… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 17

In praise of free speech, religious protection Sir: Regarding the Oct. 22 story about Dr. Chantal Perrot, medically assisted death, and the subsequent letters. I would like to add my thoughts. First and foremost, I’m VERY thankful to live in Canada where we have freedom of religion, and therefore diversity. Letter writer Mary Mitro stated… Read more »