Letters: week of July 30

Taxpayer offers token of gratitude for brilliant use of his dollars Sir: I would like to thank the City of Sarnia and all the other organizations that so effectively use our tax dollars. I thank them for the opportunity to pay the highest property taxes I could ever have imagined, and get so little for… Read more »

COLUMN: Waterfront memorial recalls worst Great Lakes disaster

Port Franks resident Heather Bradley remembers reading a book decades ago called “Yon Sand-beaten Shore.” The 167-page history of her community contains a haunting description of a truck, laden with the bodies of shipwrecked sailors, travelling from the Lake Huron shore and through the streets of Port Franks to the morgue. It was November of… Read more »

Letters: week of July 23

Canada should make face-mask wearing mandatory indoors Sir: When Legionnaire’s disease broke out at a Philadelphia hotel in 1976 some experts believe the bacteria was airborne, a position discouraged by others. Unfortunately, it took 1.5 years before it was acknowledged that people can indeed get Legionnaire’s by breathing in small droplets of water containing the… Read more »

Letters: week of July 16

Virus still here: no time to let down our guard Sir: Thanks to The Sarnia Journal for the honest update on July 9, “Community’s response to coronavirus truly remarkable.” The majority of the community has listened and reacted responsibly. Everyone’s lifestyle has been disrupted, but it’s for our own safety, health and future. If we… Read more »

Week of June 25

Please be kind and patient during this trying time Sir: I am a 79-year-old senior who uses a cane and had been in self-isolation since March. But I needed to go out after Maryanne from the record store called to say my order was ready for pick-up. I called Sarnia Transit to see what measures… Read more »