Week of October 17

Loss of after-hours veterinary service heartbreaking Sir: I read with great interest and equally great disappointment the last veterinary hospital discontinued after-hours veterinarian services locally “due to a full work load and the need for appropriate work-life balance.” EMS, police services, fire services, doctors, and health-care workers all carry a full workload and yet must… Read more »

Letters: week of Oct. 10

Orange shirts honoured school children Sir: How touching it was to see the support of Canadians who care and supported the Orange Shirt Day ceremony at Bluewater Health on Sept. 30. The day was about honouring children who survived the Indian Residential School system, and those who didn’t make it out. Elder Cecil Isaac from… Read more »

Letters: week of Oct. 3

Preacher scaring the hell out of motorists Sir: Regarding the Sept. 18 story, Council rejects attempt to restrict street preachers. City council got it so wrong! Obviously none of them has ever stopped for a red light at the intersection of Murphy and London roads and had someone with a bullhorn holler into the car…. Read more »