Letters: Week of May 23

City should provide cloth bags Sir: I am not an environmental activist nor am I an environmental fanatic. I am merely another person who believes in changing the environment for the better. I believe city council should provide, for free, three to five cloth bags to each household. Residents could then start carrying these bags… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Councillor votes revealed different intercultural styles

  Brad Morrison The city council debate and vote on May 6 to support Pride Month opens an important public conversation, one that reveals different approaches to inclusion, diversity, equality, and fairness. At the meeting, every councillor agreed with the principles of equality and fairness, but reached different conclusions about how inclusion and diversity should… Read more »

Letters: week of May 16

Congratulations on the newspaper awards Sir: My belated congratulations to the Sarnia Journal and its staff for the recent Ontario community newspaper awards. I always enjoy your publication each week. Good and happy news is always welcome. I also scan all the names in the various sports and school groups. It reminds me how old… Read more »

Letters: week of May 9

Still looking for the Good Samaritan who helped that day Sir: About a year ago, my elderly mother and I were out for a drive in our old family van. It seemed to be overheating, so I headed back towards our regular garage. I was headed east on Michigan Avenue when we reached the intersection… Read more »

Letters: week of May 2

Candidates should be vetted Sir: I read how five member of council recently wanted to delay the lifting of sanctions against Mayor Mike Bradley until they had heard from a lawyer, because they were afraid of being sued somehow. I was really disgusted by that. They knew the public wanted the sanctions lifted, but they… Read more »