GUEST COLUMN: Deliberately loud, illegal vehicles have me seeing red

Brian Clarke Countless letters to the editor, petitions and phone calls to the mayor’s office over the years have highlighted this community’s ongoing problem with so-called “redliners.” Redliners are the owners of deliberately loud and often illegal vehicles (under the Ontario Traffic Act) who flaunt the law and deny their fellow citizens the right to peace… Read more »

Week of June 10

Exposing children to experimental vaccine wrong Sir: I’m astounded that the government is allowing youth ages 12 and up to receive a medical procedure without parental consent. I’m referring to the administration of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which is still in the experimental stage (a vaccine is usually tested a minimum of two years before… Read more »

OPINION: Vandalism of Cenotaph soldier an insult to community

Phil Egan & Mary-Jane Egan It was a stinging slap in the face to the memories of all who have answered Canada’s call to arms. What’s more, it desecrated the sacrifice of Sarnia’s fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen whose names, in the hundreds, are recorded on the Cenotaph in Veterans Park. Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley spoke… Read more »

Week of May 27

Cost of refurbished Great Lakes school climbs again Sir: The Lambton Kent District School Board is keeping up. Board business superintendent Brian McKay, in discussing the new $5.4-million artificial turf sports field at Great Lakes Secondary School, said, “Many other school boards have done this.” Apparently, real grass is a no-no. Included in the cost… Read more »

When radio stations provided soundtrack to our lives

Bob Boulton “More mayhem in the Motor City!” Dick Smyth’s urgent news delivery assaulted us, each new catastrophe punctuated with teletype clacking in the background. Our Sarnia home in the early 1960s was two worlds, separated by radio. Mornings around the breakfast table were for Sarnia’s own CHOK. Its community news and playlist of hummable… Read more »