Week of December 23

Trying to make the most of a second straight COVID Christmas Sir: Last Christmas, my friend Cathie got me a coffee mug that says, “Baby its COVID Outside.” It made me chuckle, but also accept the fact that a pandemic Christmas was a reality. And now it’s a reality for a second year. No one… Read more »

Week of December 16

Budget numbers from City Hall could use more clarity Sir: A comparison of the City of Sarnia’s 2021 capital budget to its 2022 draft capital budget shows a lack of clarity in actual amounts of money allocated to capital projects in each calendar year. For example, in 2021 about $3.8 million was allocated to the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: When “It’s OK not to be OK” was a still universe away

Bob Boulton Local residents are slowly being surrounded by Christmas – the Season of Emotions. Some years ago, we used to think of ourselves as rational. Emotions were regarded as frivolous blocks to life’s important and serious matters – especially by men. Only notable exceptions were allowed: family Thanksgiving table irritation, playoff game excitement, and… Read more »

Week of November 25

Reducing our carbon footprint isn’t as easy as it sounds Sir: Regarding Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley’s call for an energy summit. Going Green has hit centre stag, but I just don’t know how we can ‘flip the switch.’ Even electric cars require motors (copper), batteries, foam seats, rubber tires and aluminum bodies (from mills). My… Read more »