Movie review

Joker is a dark and disturbing film without much to say

Arthur Fleck (aka Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix) has grown up with a single mother who is physically and mentally ill. He is the victim of child abuse that left him with a borderline debilitating brain injury that causes him to laugh uncontrollably for no reason. On top of that, he’s mentally ill, poor, professionally… Read more »

FILM REVIEW: Angel Has Fallen is 2 hours of solidly OK entertainment

There’s a certain comfort to watching predictably mediocre movies that can’t be overlooked. Like a Hallmark Christmas movie where you know before turning it on that a lonely, single father (bonus points if widowed) will inevitably meet a sweet teacher/veterinarian/soap maker (job is irrelevant) at the Christmas fair while snow gently falls and they end… Read more »

Rocketman captures the true spirit of Elton John

  From the opening shot of Elton John (played by Taron Egerton) stomping down a hallway wearing an orange bedazzled suit with a full set of wings and a double horned headpiece, you realize that this is not a conventional biopic. An over the top, sensory explosion that weaves in and out of fantasy and… Read more »