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Blending flavours from around the world

Paresh Thakkar is all about originality. He’s proud to say there isn’t an item on the menu at his restaurant that he didn’t create. Thakkar, 34, opened Personal Touch Eatery & Catering in the fall of 2011 with a degree in economics and accounting, a diploma in culinary management and the credential of a Red… Read more »

New Karen Caughlin video attempt to jog memories

The sister of Karen Caughlin, Marylou Schwemler, seen here with her husband, holds in her emotions as the OPP screen a new video that investigators hope will jog memories about a 40-year-old murder case. The 14-year-old Caughlin went roller skating with friends at the Rose Gardens in Point Edward and was expected at a friend’s… Read more »

HISTORY: Bubble, bubble, beer and trouble

With the arrival of the new Refined Fool Brewing Company in May, a colourful 150-year tradition will have returned to Sarnia. George Russell founded Sarnia’s first brewery in 1862, an act for which grateful residents named a street in his honour. Russell sold his ales and porters on Front Street until another Sarnian, the tea-totalling… Read more »

Man charged with attempted murder in city home invasion

Two men have been arrested in connection with a city home invasion Thursday morning that sent a man to hospital, Sarnia Police say. Police say two men forced their way into a south-end home where a lone male was sleeping in the early hours of the morning. The victim was threatened and assaulted with two… Read more »

Going nuts on a new farm crop

Dave Ferguson is planting three to four acres of nut tree seedlings this spring, part of a fledgling movement to establish a hazelnut industry in Ontario. “The crop is new but the market is there,” Ferguson said. “The question is, can we get enough people together to get the infrastructure in place.” Hazelnuts, also known… Read more »

Awesome is as Awesome does

Trustees had a real challenge deciding who would get this month’s $1,000 from Sarnia’s Awesome Foundation at its March pitch party. “They’re all good ideas. It was tough to decide,” said Mat Berube, one of 12 trustees who, together, contribute $1,000 every month for a project to bring the best out in the community. Since… Read more »

BUSINESS JOURNAL: Putting the craft back in beer

It’s been a year of fermenting, tasting and critiquing. Now, finally, the first commercial batch of craft beer at Sarnia’s new Refined Fool Brewing Company is almost ready for retail. “At this point we’ve tweaked the recipes enough and we’re pretty happy with them,” says Nathan Colquhoun, 29, one of 10 investors in the company…. Read more »

A sneak peek of glorious spring

As winter rages outside, a pair of Sarnia gardeners are working seven days a week to ensure Sarnia looks terrific year round. Thousands of seeds, seedlings and cuttings are nurtured into an award-winning palette of floral beauty. Gardeners Jane Bastien and Lance Allin are cultivating the stock at three greenhouses, including Germain Park, where tropical… Read more »

Chef brings Mexican ‘fusion’ to Zola’s

For Tyler Rawcliffe, the secret to Mexican cuisine is finding that perfect balance between spicy, salty, sweet and sour. “I really enjoy coming up with my own recipes and creating different entrees,” says the head cook and kitchen manager at Zola’s Mexicana Restaurant on Murphy Road. At age 25, Rawcliffe has already cooked for nine… Read more »