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Understanding what it takes to work with difficult people

Cathy Dobson Most of us know what it’s like to work with a difficult person. But few know what to do about it. That’s where Robyne Hanley-Dafoe comes in. She’s an expert in dealing with sensitive and awkward situations. Hanley-Dafoe is an award-winning psychology professor known for her theories on resiliency and navigating stress. Her tips… Read more »

Olympic search presents twins with either oar situation

Troy Shantz Hannah and Fiona Elliott have taken a stroke toward representing Canada at the next Olympics Games in rowing. The 16-year-old Sarnia twins caught the eye of Canadian rowing coaches this spring at the RBC Training Ground athlete search. They were two of 100 athletes to qualify as Olympic hopefuls from a pack of… Read more »

Sundays once meant going to church – and very little else

Phil Egan “On the venerable Day of the Sun,” the Roman Emperor Constantine declared in 321 AD, “let the magistrates and people rest and let all workshops be closed.” Laws against Sunday shopping and other regular activities are older than many think. From 1845 in the Province of Canada and from 1906 in Ontario, the… Read more »

Boost for biofuel company’s Sarnia demonstration plant

Ottawa is investing $4.7 million in Woodland Biofuels and a new process it’s testing in Sarnia. About $1.9 million will be used to help the company further develop its technology that produces ethanol from wood and agricultural waste. The Toronto-based company is also getting $2.8 million to increase the efficiency of its successful demonstration plant… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – What South American mountain range is the longest mountain range in the world?   2 – What local artist will be featuring her exhibition “A Delicate Balance” starting Sept. 6 through to Sept. 28th at the Lawrence House?   3 – What breed of dog was developed from the fox terrier by the… Read more »

All-night volleyball tourney to aid sex assault victims

Tara Jeffrey When Angie Marks was in Oklahoma watching her son play hockey recently, she came across a poster for an all-nighter volleyball fundraiser. “I thought, ‘wait a minute – this is a fabulous idea,’” said the executive director of both the Women’s Interval Home and Sexual Assault Survivors’ Centre (SASC). “It’s so fitting for… Read more »

Purposeful art: new show to focus on endangered species

Sarnia artist Cathy Earle wants the paintings she creates of flowers and birds to be more than aesthetically pleasing. She also wants them to be provocative and generate discussion about preserving the planet and saving endangered species. “I am inspired by the beauty of nature but I’m also very concerned about the changes we’re seeing… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 29

Political leaders should keep religion out of politics Sir: Regarding the Aug. 8 article “Councillor and MP Clash,” I see plenty of room for a councillor like Nathan Colquhoun in Sarnia. It is fully appropriate to question the motives of our MP. If she is basing her political decisions on her personal religious beliefs, that… Read more »

Get a load of this

Cranes aboard the ocean freighter BBC Volga lower one of about a dozen industrial modules at Sarnia’s Government docks on Aug. 13. The vessels, some weighing several thousand tonnes, were destined for NOVA Chemicals’ Corunna site and a local fabricator, a company spokesperson said. The components are part of the Corunna Cracker Expansion Project which,… Read more »