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Round Dance: Aboriginal student event invites everyone into the circle

Cathy Dobson Powwows have been held at Lambton College for years as a way for native students to share their traditions and culture. But the president of the Aboriginal Students’ Council wanted to add another major cultural event and involve the community beyond the college. So White Lightning Clark, a 22-year-old police foundations student, appealed… Read more »

Floral designer’s business blossoming

Cathy Dobson Sue Downey is banking on her reputation as a designer with an eye for what’s beautiful and functional to make her new flower business a success. “People in this area know my work. They know me from other places where I’ve been, including my mom’s shop,” she said. Downey opened Flowers Forever, Designs… Read more »

Paws button: It is all fun and games at doggie daycare

Journal Staff Anyone who finds a mob of toddlers a handful hasn’t been to doggie daycare. At The Dog House on London Line, if the pooches aren’t chasing each other around the floor they’re jumping on and under the Fisher Price children’s equipment or running after balls. A few laze around, taking life easy. The… Read more »

Cheat sheet: Crackdown on dishonest students making impact at Lambton College

Cathy Dobson Cheaters are on the run at Lambton College. Of 3,800 full-time students enrolled last semester, 58 were caught cheating and faced disciplinary action. That’s down from 99 in the fall semester of 2012 when the school’s Centre for Academic Integrity (CAI) was established. A decrease in cheating of more than 40% is something… Read more »

The permanent residents of Lakeview Cemetery do tell tales

George Mathewson Peter Pennington had a bounty of $800 placed on his head when he and a group of other black slaves escaped from their Maryland masters in 1856. Fleeing north on the “Underground Railroad,” Pennington made his way to Sarnia, became a fisherman and apparently got on well. When he died in 1884 he… Read more »

Local control of the Blue Water Bridge shifting to Ottawa

Cathy Dobson After 50 years of operating with a local board of directors, the decision-making at Blue Water Bridge Canada is about to move to Ottawa. The changes are mandated by the federal government and expected to kick in Feb. 1. But it’s still not known if a local representative will be appointed to the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Let’s get a handle on coffee mugs

Sheila Kozmin The serving staff at some of Sarnia’s coffee shops has been giving me the finger! They need to get a handle on this. Let me explain. Like many Canadians I love my Timmy’s, or a facsimile.  And I like it served in a china mug. Herein lies the problem; when the server hands… Read more »


Reader Peter Norris sent this photo of a coyote trotting on the ice of the St. Clair River directly in front of downtown Sarnia today. The animal was headed south, toward the Chemical Valley, with Port Huron in the background. The shot was taken Tuesday morning from the offices of George Murray Shipley and Bell…. Read more »

On frozen pond

Larry Dinyer brought his snowblower to Lake Chipican on Tuesday, to the delight of local skaters. Dinyer cleared snow from several existing skating pads and also created a new one. “I have two grandsons who like to play hockey,” said the retired owner of Dinyer Bus Lines, adding he also likes to lace up the blades…. Read more »