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GUEST COLUMN: What it’s like with Tourette Syndrome

Adam Young We’ve all had mosquito bites. We know not to scratch them, but do anyway. Nobody gives you a weird look or treats you differently for doing so and often, it will spawn a conversation about a mutual hatred of mosquitos. But what if instead of a mosquito bite, you had an ongoing urge… Read more »

A lump of cold

The ice build-up along the shores of Lake Huron has drawn a lot of photographers this winter. Here, Joshua Purdy, of Point Edward, snaps images of the ice hills at Canatara Park last week. Glenn Ogilvie

‘Day of Action’ rally in Sarnia

More than 100 people gathered in Sarnia to protest the federal government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation on Saturday, March 14. Bill C-51, which would give police broader powers to detain terror suspects and grant new powers to Canada’s spy agency, could be used to silence dissent and government critics, said protestors rallying in front of MP… Read more »

Brailliant: Blindness has given artist new insight

Cathy Dobson Adversity and a creative mind led Sarnia’s Susan Woodhouse to start producing ceramics and adorn them with braille. “It’s unique, and I like that,” says the minister at Shiloh-Inwood United Church, one of 22 featured artists at Gallery in the Grove’s latest exhibition. Woodhouse, a former elementary teacher, was ordained 10 years ago… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

  1.        Which city in northern Spain hosts the annual running of the bulls? 2.        Although we call it this today, what local body of water has been known variously as “Little Lake”, “Seward’s Pond” and “Lake of Roots”? 3.        Holy irony!  In the 1996 edition of Webster’s Dictionary, 315 entries were… Read more »

Sarnia wrestler wins silver at CIS nationals

Barry Wright Emily Schaefer’s university wrestling career is off to a rousing start. The four-time Ontario high school champion at Northern Collegiate, who now wrestles for the Brock University Badgers, won her 51 kg weight class at the recent Ontario University Athletic (OUA) championships in Sudbury to advance to the national (CIS) championships in Edmonton…. Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Committing to the south end

Nathan Colquhoun Most folks in Sarnia frown upon the idea of our south end and would never intentionally move here. One person told me he would never consider a house south of the 402. The south end isn’t really where you would settle if you don’t have to. There is drug use, a busy methadone… Read more »

1 Across: A Sarnia cruciverbalist makes his debut

George Mathewson Within the small world of clever people who create crossword puzzles it’s called your ‘debut.’ And for Sarnia’s David Dekker it came last Saturday – March 7 – and occurred on the biggest and most prestigious stage of them all – the New York Times. Getting a crossword puzzle published in the Times is… Read more »