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Control effort delivers sucker punch to parasitic lamprey

Cathy Dobson Eyes grew wide and some stepped back as Ross Shaw fished a foot-long sea lamprey from a tank and let its sucker mouth and 150 tiny teeth sink into the palm of his hand. “It feels a bit strange but it doesn’t hurt,” he told an audience of about 25 at this month’s… Read more »

City stops collecting fare on buses, ridership down

Troy Shantz As parts of the city shut down around it, Sarnia Transit is soldiering on. What’s more, the buses are now free to ride and have never been cleaner. On March 20 the city stopped collecting fares and began requiring passengers to use only the rear doors of the bus when getting on and… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – What stone do people kiss in Ireland to give them the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness?   2 – Lambton College students will now be able to obtain a stand-alone degree in what program without attending university?   3 – Of all the actors who played James Bond, which one is Irish?   4… Read more »

City hockey player enjoyed freshman year run in NCAA

Troy Shantz A Sarnia woman was part of Mercyhurst University’s record-setting hockey season team this year, as well as its oh-so-close championship final. Aubrey Cole recently wrapped up her first season at the Erie, Pennsylvania college, which went undefeated at home for the first time in school history. “I came in just looking to improve,… Read more »

Letters: week of Mar. 19

Are county councillors victims of ‘stupid gas? Sir: Many of us have seen those old Batman episodes from the 1960’s TV series where the Commissioner, his police officers and even Batman and Robin get flummoxed by the Joker or the Riddler. After unleashing a noxious gas that renders the protagonists “stupid,” the good guys become… Read more »

‘Amazing’ husband and dad laid low by hockey injury

Tara Jeffrey Tania Coltman has always seen her dad as ‘unbreakable.’ “He just trucks through everything,” the 41-year-old Sarnia woman said of her father Randy Cuthbert. The retired Bell Canada employee-turned-Lambton Elderly Outreach handyman is also a devoted hockey player. “Anyone who knows him knows he’s very humble, never asks for help, and just loves… Read more »

UPDATED: City approving new rules for short-term rental properties

City Hall will be hosting two public information sessions on short-term property rentals, such as Airbnb, at a later date. Council approved amendments this month that will allow short-term rental accommodation only in the principal residence of the renter, although operations established before Jan. 1 will be “grandfathered” in and permitted. The total number of… Read more »