Dinnertime! In the natural world, everyone’s gotta eat

Journal Staff One of the fascinating things about watching the natural world is the interplay of creatures in the food chain, says Sarnia wildlife photographer Ronny D’Haene “It’s a jungle out there,” he said. “It’s eat or be eaten.” Take the elusive bumblebee robber fly, for example. Also known as assassin flies, these great pretenders… Read more »

Site Plans: New fuel plant slated to rise in the valley

Troy Shantz A B.C. firm has selected Sarnia’s chemical valley as the site of a planned $1.5 billion USD ($1.9 billion CDN) fuel plant, according to the company’s president. “Some time ago, we selected Sarnia as the best place for us to look at building our first plant,” Michael Ainsworth of Ainsworth Energy Co. LTD…. Read more »

City man winning solo battle against invasive phragmites

Troy Shantz You can find Sarnia’s very own ‘Phrag Fighter’ each week at the Point Lands, hoe in hand. For the past two years Hal Regnier has made it his one-man mission to protect one beautiful piece of city parkland from phragmites, a choking reed so aggressive it’s regarded as Canada’s worst invasive species. And… Read more »

Teen converts U.S. fastball experience into scholarship

Troy Shantz It’s a new position and a new chapter for Kennedy Dietz. The 17-year-old Sarnia fastball prospect is headed to Shawnee State University in 2020 after verbally committing to play at the Ohio school. Her play on the field earned the Northern Collegiate student an 85% scholarship. “Everything is coming full circle… all these… Read more »

Rosary lost at Dieppe restored to city man 35 years later

Phil Egan Seventy-seven years ago this week 4,963 courageous Canadians probed Hitler’s “Fortress of Europe” in a raid that presaged the massive assault on Normandy to come in 1944. It happened on Aug. 19, 1942 and was known as the Dieppe Raid. Among the Canadians troops that sailed from Sussex, England to France on the… Read more »

Water level in St. Clair River has reached record high

Troy Shantz Businesses are keeping a wary eye on local water levels. After sandbags proved ineffective at keeping the St. Clair River from surging in as far as its packing warehouse, Purdy’s Fisheries began installing “lego blocks.” Dozen of the concrete blocks now line the shoreline of the Point Edward company in a bid to… Read more »

Tall Ship Celebration: All aboard that’s coming aboard

Troy Shantz Ships evoking another era dropped anchor in Sarnia last weekend. Tens of thousands of onlookers flocked to the Government Docks and Sydney Smith Wharf to view the six-vessel fleet at the Tall Ships Celebration, Aug. 9 to 11. They included the Bluenose II and Picton Castle from Nova Scotia, the Empire Sandy from… Read more »

The Sarnia Braves are Ontario’s new baseball champions

Troy Shantz The Sarnia Braves are headed to the national championships. The city’s ‘AAA’ baseball club emerged victorious at the Ontario finals in Windsor recently to secure a trip to the Canadian championships in New Brunswick this month. “That’s basically the hardest tournament to win in the country,” said coach James Grant of the provincial… Read more »