Journal’s ‘Wax Man’ story takes on life of its own

Phil Egan An award-winning Toronto filmmaker was in Sarnia last week to work on the macabre story of John McMillan, a.k.a. the ‘Wax Man.’ Cat Mills was intrigued after reading a Sarnia Journal story from 2018 entitled: ‘Wax Man’s plea to “Dig me up in 50 years” remains unfulfilled.’ It told the tale of Petrolia… Read more »

Conservation Authority, landowners find common ground

Troy Shantz & George Mathewson The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority appears ready to help local property owners get the permits they need to build shoreline protection and halt Lake Huron erosion. Angry landowners have claimed the Authority and its complicated permit-issuing process is preventing them from installing new protective infrastructure at their own cost…. Read more »

Tragicomic musical ‘Fun Home’ bidding for festival nod

Seventeen-year-old Chloe Brescia is quick with answers on why she loves her character in Theatre Sarnia’s production of Fun Home. Brescia plays Alison Bechdel at age 19, when she goes off to college and her first same-sex relationship. “Alison was the first lesbian protagonist on Broadway,” says Brescia.  “It’s a true story and I think… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – How many on ice officials are used in a National Hockey League game?   2 – Local hockey star, Dustin Jeffrey, helped Team Canada win what championship recently in Davos, Switzerland?   3 – What is the cube root of 64?   4 – Until April 1, Air Canada will be providing how many… Read more »

Local businesses using green energy to shape the future

Troy Shantz Mitch Mestancik is one of a small but growing number of local cleantech entrepreneurs whose pollution solutions are putting green in the bank. Mestancik is the owner of Sarnia’s first emissions-free lawn maintenance company. The fleet of battery-powered lawn mowers and trimmers at Electricut does the work of gas-powered equivalents but are cleaner… Read more »

Older men more prone to depression, suicide: expert

Troy Shantz As men age they are disproportionately prone to depression and thoughts of suicide, a local mental health expert says. “Men are encouraged to be strong, not admit that they’re struggling, or do not want to seem weak,” said Sabrina Ferrari, a front line worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). “Men are… Read more »

Sarnia filmmaker Sami Khan nominated for an Academy Award

Cathy Dobson Sarnia native Sami Khan can’t quite believe he’ll share the red carpet in a few weeks with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and other Hollywood stars at this year’s Academy Awards. Khan will attend the glittery affair in Los Angeles with Bruce Franks Jr., the subject of the film Khan co-directed with U.S…. Read more »