“Can’t do this anymore:” Eatery owners call it quits

Cathy Dobson  The pandemic has permanently ended the dream of two Sarnians to run their own restaurant. Less than three years after Laurie and Dean Frayne opened Lake Point Grillhouse & Lounge a lack of staff, a delay in government assistance, and a third wave of COVID-19 has made staying in business impossible, Laurie Frayne… Read more »

Tornados, wrecks featured on Heritage “disaster” tour

Cathy Dobson Pat McLean was a 22-year-old nurse in training at Sarnia General Hospital when, without warning, the infamous F4 tornado hit Sarnia on May 21, 1953. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed and the community thrown into chaos. “I was in the cafeteria and the drapes began blowing,” she recalls.  “I ran over to close the… Read more »

Survey says: paper ballots in next election not dead yet

Troy Shantz Sarnia councillors are still at odds about whether to use paper ballots in next year’s municipal election. They recently requested a staff report on the feasibility of adding the option of paper ballots, but having them counted by volunteers instead of costly tabulating machines. Council had earlier agreed to use Internet-only voting for… Read more »

Push on to make Sarnia hub of Ontario’s hydrogen economy

Cathy Dobson Sarnia-Lambton is the ideal location for Ontario’s first commercial scale hydrogen plant, says a local sustainable energy expert lobbying to make it happen. “There’s a huge and important role for Sarnia to play with the hydrogen economy,” said Ed Brost. “It’s a slam dunk.” Brost is an associate with the Bowman Centre for Sustainable… Read more »

Two more residential streets to be rebuilt

Journal Staff Two more residential streets will be rebuilt this year as part of Sarnia’s generation-long sewer separation project. Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing Limited won two separate contracts to install new sewers under parts of Stuart Street and Queen Street. Many older parts of the city were built with combined sanitary and storm sewers…. Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – What vegetable’s French name translates to “earth apple” in English? 2 – In July, Rob Kardas will become president and CEO of what institution? 3 – Last week, who became the first female host of Jeopardy in the show’s history? 4 – Bluewater Health plans to add what to its emergency services to… Read more »

Former MP decries “horrendous” treatment of elderly

Cathy Dobson   Former Sarnia-Lambton MP Roger Gallaway is calling on local residents to rally behind the elderly living in Ontario’s long-term care facilities. A letter writing campaign is needed to insist government invest in more staff and better living conditions for seniors, he said. “More than 3,800 seniors have died in long-term care (during… Read more »

Hospital lands for sale, getting “lots” of inquiries

Troy Shantz A Toronto real estate broker has discussed ideas with the owners of the former Sarnia General Hospital lands that include a three-storey building with 146 rental units. “I think the economics are there,” said Bob Drizis, owner of Taylorwood Realty. The George Street land is owned by GFive Inc. Its principals – Charles… Read more »

MPP Bailey clarifies controversial ‘applauding protestors’ comment

Journal Staff Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey issued a statement today clarifying controversial comments he made about Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest at City Hall. Bailey spoke to CTV News shortly after hundreds of people gathered downtown to oppose new restrictions and business closures. Most were not wearing masks. “For those people there today, I applaud them,” said… Read more »