Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – Who was Robin Hood’s girlfriend? 2 – Now located in Point Edward, what local business, which began as a small bookstore and newsstand on Lochiel Street in 1900, recently celebrated its 115th anniversary? 3 – On a computer keyboard what letter is between Q and E? 4 – For the month of October,… Read more »

OPINION: The old gal needs a greasectomy

George Mathewson She may have celebrated her 100th birthday last year but Sarnia is in pretty good shape for her age. She quit smoking, cleaned up her act and loves nothing better than to throw a good street party, especially in the summer. But for years now Sarnia has suffered from a hidden health problem,… Read more »

Gladu win keeps Sarnia-Lambton Tory blue

Marilyn Gladu bucked a 52-year-old local tradition Monday when the federal Conservatives won the riding of Sarnia-Lambton but were swept from power by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Sarnia-Lambton had elected the candidate from the party that went on to form the government in every single federal election since 1963. But that all changed when Gladu, a… Read more »

Fentanyl patch exchange will save lives, family says

Cathy Dobson A new Fentanyl patch exchange program in Sarnia-Lambton won’t bring her son back, but Laurie Hicks is confident it will save other lives. Ryan Hicks, 25, died in March from a Fentanyl addiction he’d fought hard to overcome. In fact, he’d just finished months of rehab and was about to move into a sober… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – How many months of the year have 31 days? 2 – In the “very large city” category, Sarnia recently beat both Chatham-Kent and the city of Zlin in the Czech Republic to win what 2015 International Challenge Competition? 3 – In different years, both Marlon Brando and George C Scott refused to accept… Read more »

Students help new wetland take root at city solar farm

George Mathewson They say when it comes to habitat restoration, if you plant it they will come. And that’s proven true at the Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm on Churchill Line, which earlier this year began a five-year project to return large portions of former agricultural lands to native ecosystems. For example, two ponds dug this… Read more »

Weaver unveils textiles 30 years in the making

Cathy Dobson Eight mannequins beautifully outfitted with traditional Latvian costumes fill half of Edite Mogensen’s sunny Sarnia living room. The weaving, the beading and the needlepoint represent half a lifetime of painstaking work by a woman honouring her heritage with each stitch. “See the patterns on this belt?” she asks, holding up a brightly-coloured sash. “They… Read more »

OPINION: How ’bout those Blue Jays?

Jack Poirier It was an odd scene, and not one I expected. Two seats away sat a woman with a knitting bag resting on her lap. In her hands she brandished a pair of needles, effortlessly working away on a multi-coloured washcloth. We were among 49,000 fans at a sold-out Rogers Centre that Sunday –… Read more »

Medical marvel keeps on ticking

Tara Jeffrey Brad Penhale peers over his glasses as he sorts through old photos and newspaper clippings sprawled across his kitchen table. “It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been interviewed,” said the 57-year-old Sarnia man. “I’m not sure how interesting I am these days.” At first glance, one might even believe him. But… Read more »