Consignment store finds winning recipe with used clothing

Cathy Dobson Success in the consignment business doesn’t come easily in Sarnia, says Bob McGregor, owner of Labels for Less. But he can point to a few things that have made it possible to survive where at least six others have failed. For 25 years, McGregor has operated Labels for Less, a high-end used clothing… Read more »

Classic cocktails featured at new downtown lounge

Cathy Dobson The seeds were sown for the new Mixx Lounge on Front Street during a “foodie” trip to Cleveland when a group of Sarnians found themselves sipping on classic cocktails and enjoying some soft, acoustic jazz music. Sarnians need a place where the bartenders know what a Slippery Pete and a Harvey Wallbanger is,… Read more »

Big or small, Awesome Paws ready to tend them all

Cathy Dobson Marita Linde’s clients are a breed apart. They often show their appreciation by licking her face. Some drool and rub against her legs. One even oinks. “I’m not afraid of any animal,” says a smiling Linde, who operates a new pet services business. “I’ve taken care of a hedgehog, budgies, rats, hamsters, bunnies… Read more »

Clothing store caters to physically challenged

Cathy Dobson Waneta Steinberg was volunteering at a local retirement home when she noticed a resident with physical challenges wearing clothes that made getting dressed much easier. “He had on a polo shirt that looked like a regular shirt but it did up at the back. It was a big moment, like the earth moved… Read more »

Local artisans marketing online to a global audience

Cathy Dobson Hundreds of talented local artisans design and make their own products in home studios, everything from bracelets to baby clothes and quilts to skincare products, selling them at the odd bizarre or craft sale. Though they tend to work in isolation, many would prefer to network with other artisans who understand the challenges… Read more »

New burger shop sees future in Bayside food court

Cathy Dobson Gerry Surette and Suzanne Holbrook predict their new burger and fries shop will start a trend in the Bayside Centre food court. “The future plans for the mall convinced us to do it,” said Surette. “Davey Jones (grocery store) is coming for sure and we get our meat from them. “And I know… Read more »

Mortgage broker earns national nod in new career

Cathy Dobson Thirty-four-year-old Tyler Yates exudes confidence. From behind a massive desk on the top floor of First Sarnia Place, with a panoramic office view of the St. Clair River, he offers a broad smile and a firm handshake. Business has been good since leaving a 12-year career in IT for a completely different path… Read more »

Sophia’s and Nick’s share restaurant family DNA

Cathy Dobson If you’ve found a recipe for success in the restaurant business, don’t mess with it, says George Stoukas, whose family recently opened yet another family diner. “Why reinvent the wheel?” he asks. Stoukas heads up the kitchen at the new Sophia’s Diner, named for his four-year-old niece. A photo of Sophia smiling and waving… Read more »

The Thai has turned for South East Café owner

Cathy Dobson Selina Ip’s car is practically on autopilot these days, running between her East Street café and her new Thai restaurant on Murphy Road. She’s back and forth six days a week, ensuring all is well at each location. It’s busy, but that’s the way she likes it. Selina’s Thai opened June 21 in… Read more »