Sophia’s and Nick’s share restaurant family DNA

Cathy Dobson If you’ve found a recipe for success in the restaurant business, don’t mess with it, says George Stoukas, whose family recently opened yet another family diner. “Why reinvent the wheel?” he asks. Stoukas heads up the kitchen at the new Sophia’s Diner, named for his four-year-old niece. A photo of Sophia smiling and waving… Read more »

The Thai has turned for South East Café owner

Cathy Dobson Selina Ip’s car is practically on autopilot these days, running between her East Street café and her new Thai restaurant on Murphy Road. She’s back and forth six days a week, ensuring all is well at each location. It’s busy, but that’s the way she likes it. Selina’s Thai opened June 21 in… Read more »

Bridge Tavern closing brings end to an era

Cathy Dobson There’s been an outpouring from former customers since Vicky and John Brodimas closed the historic Bridge Tavern two weeks ago. The restaurant’s Facebook page is packed with tributes and the real sense a much-loved Point Edward landmark has been lost. Mike Somes wrote: “My parents and I have been eating at your establishment… Read more »

Teacher’s creative eye turns shabby into chic

Cathy Dobson   They just don’t make furniture like they used to, says a local woman adept at refinishing everything from 1980s oak tables to antique mirrors. “Older furniture is more solid. There’s no chipboard and the construction is better. It’s made to last,” said Jennifer Hergott, owner of the new Uniquely Different, Shabby Made… Read more »

The ‘Cake Lady’ launches a Parisian-style café

Cathy Dobson A couple of years ago, Kathy Dhillon was hired to prepare a chocolate table for a gala hosted by Sarnia’s St. Joseph’s Hospice. The reaction to her elaborate cupcakes and sweet goodies ensured she’s never been short of business since. “There was no looking back after the gala,” said the baker, who has… Read more »

A Taste of Britain packs “a little bit of back home”

Cathy Dobson The Hayhow family say their new Sarnia store is one of the largest British retail outlets in Ontario, offering everything from clothing to candy and gifts to games. “We import all the candy and groceries that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency allows into Canada,” says Ron Hayhow, co-owner with his wife Ann. Meat… Read more »

Introducing Mediterranean cuisine, one plate at a time

Cathy Dobson Adnan Joudeh wants to introduce Sarnians to his Mediterranean cooking that he says is a healthy and tasty alternative to western fare. But he knows that in addition to offering falafels, shwarma and tabbouleh, his new diner also needs to cater to customers who want traditional choices like omelettes, burgers and wraps. “I… Read more »

If the shoe fits wear it, new store owner says

Cathy Dobson Many shoe shoppers have never learned the value of having their feet measured, says new storeowner Deb Hartwick. “They are ruining their feet if their shoes don’t fit right,” she said. “I was taught how to fit shoes properly and had good teachers in retail to learn from. “I can educate my customers.”… Read more »

Pizza gamble pays off with second outlet

Cathy Dobson A month after opening the takeout pizzeria Rondo’s Pizza Plus on Rosedale, co-owners Dan Di Cocco and Kerry Kulak are thinking of expansion. “We weren’t expecting to be this busy so soon,” said Kulak, Di Cocco’s fiancé. In fact, Rondo’s on Rosedale has already reached financial targets set for nine months down the… Read more »