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Business Journal: Home delivery allows diners to Siefood Differently

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Cathy Dobson

The Journal

Nearly everything Sierra Butler has pursued so far led her to the launch of her own small business in May.

At age 23, Butler has played high school and college sports, worked in fitness centres, honed her skills as a personal trainer and attended chef’s school.

She’s lived long enough in Toronto to know Sarnia is a less expensive place to operate her new food service.

And she’s learned enough about demographics and who her market is to ensure she can do well here.

“I’ve always been into fitness and I’ve always wanted to work out,” she said. “And when I was working for a (place) in Toronto doing personal training and meal prep in their kitchen, I realized cooking nutritious, delicious meals for my clients was truly what I wanted to do.”

As she completed a one-year chef’s course at George Brown College, her plan took shape to start cooking and selling healthy meals and delivering them to the door.

Four months before graduation, Butler secured the domain for Siefood Differently, her new company name.

In April, she moved back to Sarnia, found a commercial kitchen and began looking for clients.

“My niche is everyone who needs food. I deliver to working individuals who say they can’t be bothered to cook. I deliver to older people or people who have specific diet concerns.

“I’m very flexible and look at it like we’re on the same team. I want to know what your likes and dislikes are, if you’re about low-carb, high-protein – or not.

“And I want to make your meals as tasty as possible,” she said.

Butler approaches each of her menu items with a holistic approach.

“It’s the basics you’ll get from the farm. I shop at the farmers’ market so it’s fresh and it’s tasty.”

Some clients come to her wanting to lose weight. Others sign on for the convenience.

As Butler gets Siefood Differently off the ground, she continues to work at a local restaurant as a line cook.

“I’ve got student loans to think about,” she said.

But her hope is the client base will expand over the next year and she’ll be fully self-employed. Her ultimate dream is a restaurant of her own with a juice bar and take out.

New clients receive a free consultation to determine their goals and the kinds of meals they prefer. Five meals weekly cost $65; 10 meals weekly cost $120 and $15 meals weekly is $180.

Popular menu choices include Mexican quinoa with barbecued salmon; mango salad with kale, rice noodles, carrots, cucumbers, lemongrass barbecue chicken and Tai sauce; and, for breakfast, a turkey bacon egg cup with sweet potato rostis.

For details, visit or call Sierra Butler at 416-459-5878.

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