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Bright’s Grove lakefront gets emergency repairs

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Journal Staff

Three different stretches of Bright’s Grove shoreline hammered by high waves recently have now been repaired.

The worst was a washout between the Cull Drain and Suncor Recreation Centre, where Lake Huron ripped out about 100 feet of steel seawall and thousands of tonnes of shoreline.

Crews from Van Bree Drainage & Bulldozing built a new seawall out of large armour stone and backfilled it with rock and new soil.

Another 180 feet of failing seawall on either side of the washout was reinforced with loads of rock and stone to prevent the wall from collapsing.

To the west, more armour stone was positioned in the area of Rainbow Cove. That Oct. 7 repair was done to prevent severe waves from reaching Old Lakeshore Road, according to a city engineering report.

The next day, additional stone was used to reinforce eroded ground behind a steel seawall between Bay Street and Centre Street. Had nothing been done it’s “highly possible” parts of Old Lakeshore Road would have been washed into the lake, according to the report.

The emergency shoreline repairs were expected to cost about $250,000.










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