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Bradley silences his critics with a landslide victory

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Cathy Dobson

Sarnia voters gave Mike Bradley a resounding mandate Monday night, electing the city’s longest-serving mayor to a record 10th term.

“We are going to take back City Hall,” Bradley said surrounded by more than 100 cheering, fist-pumping supporters gathered at Stokes By the Bay.

The mayor arrived shortly after the results came in, moved to tears for nearly 10 minutes while campaign workers hugged and shook his hand.

A pipe band and drum corps marched through the restaurant while the crowd clapped and chanted his name, followed by “Four more years!”

During the campaign, Bradley said re-election would exonerate him for his part in the dissention that characterized the past term at City Hall.

Residents spoke loud and clear, giving Bradley 16,238 votes, more than twice the number of challenger Anne Marie Gillis.

Gillis, a 15-year councillor who ran a campaign based on restoring harmony at City Hall, finished with 7,569 votes.

Kip Cuthbert garnered 592 votes and Fred Ingham, who didn’t attend a single campaign event, had 397 votes.

“I’ve been really emotional tonight,” Bradley said, choking back tears during his victory speech.

“Take down that wall, Bradley,” one man yelled from the back of the crowd, referring to the separation between the mayor and staff constructed during the past term.

Bradley thanked his campaign manager Michele Stokley, saying his team ran an “inspiring” campaign with no negativity.

He acknowledged former mayors Andy Brandt and Ron Gordon, who attended his victory party, and congratulated veteran councillor and staunch Bradley supporter David Boushy, who topped the polls in his bid for a city/county seat.

An emotional Mike Bradley gets a hug from campaign manager Michele Stokley and a hero’s welcome from supporters at Stokes by the Bay Monday night.
Glenn Ogilvie

“You don’t know what that man has done through the last couple of years,” Bradley told his supporters, referring to Boushy.  He also thanked his long time assistant Janis Moore who smiled while wiping away tears.

Characteristically, Bradley kept his victory speech brief.

“We will do incredible things for Sarnia,” he said.

Stokley said she agreed to be Bradley’s campaign manager because he was so supportive when she entered the restaurant business in Sarnia.

“He was the guy who came out and cut the ribbon and gave me business advice.”

Bradley didn’t deserve the public embarrassment of two investigations into his treatment of staff, she said.

“I think it was Mike Bradley who was harassed,” she said. “It wasn’t fair to Mike and I think people see that.”

Sarnian voters returned just two of the five incumbent city councillors: Boushy and Brian White.

Political veterans Terry Burrell and Mike Stark also won seats, along with newcomers Margaret Bird, Bill Dennis, Nathan Colquhoun and George Vandenberg.

Voter turnout in Sarnia was 48.9%, compared to 37.1% in 2014.

In Point Edward, Mayor Bev Hand was acclaimed.

In a very tight race, Paul Burgess, Larry Gordon, Greg Grimes and Tim Mondoux were elected to the four available seats. Janice Robson, a 21-year veteran of municipal council, was not returned, finishing four votes out of the running.

In St. Clair Township, incumbent Steve Arnold was re-elected to a fourth term as mayor. Steve Miller, who defeated incumbent Peter Gilliland, is the new deputy mayor.

The results from Sarnia’s first election using electronic voting were unexpectedly delayed for about 90 minutes.

The city’s unofficial results are:

MAYOR – 1 elected

Mike Bradley          16,238

Anne Marie Gillis         7,569

Kip Cuthbert                     592

Fred Ingham                     397


CITY COUNCILOR – top 4 elected

Bill Dennis                   8,038  

Terry Burrell              6,231

Nathan Colquhoun  5,846

George Vandenberg 5,604

Meghan Reale                   5,492

Michelle Parks                  5,189

Joseph Santoro                 4,664

Matt Mitro                       4,140

Susan MacFarlane          4,019

David Waters                  3,500

Eric Dalziel                       3,298

Melody Gibson                3,066

Gail M. White                  2,800

John MacIntyre              2,359

Dave Potts                       2,313

Bryan Trothen                 2,296

Joe Hill                             2,040

Marie Timperley             1,930

Janet Chynces                 1,800

Steve Blair                       1,754

Denise Robertson          1,464

Peter Athanasopoulos   1,350

Gregory Jones                  1,268

Bill (Hawk) Hawkins     1,126

Dan Joseph Harding     1,035

Matthew McDonald         927

M.B. Villanueva Jr.             602

Fanina Kodre                     211



Dave Boushy             11,561

Mike Stark                  9,723

Brian White               8,462

Margaret Bird          8,206

Bev MacDougall             7,878

Andy Bruziewicz            7,103

Graham Pedregosa       6,785

Al Duffy                           5,588

Ian A.J. Hope                 4,469

Norm Francoeur            3,715

Cole Anderson                3,595

John Parker                    2,341


TRUSTEE – LAMBTON KENT DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (Including Point Edward) top 3 elected

Brittany Jenkins        9,047

Jack Fletcher               8,167

Dave Douglas              6,585

Wayne Lelland Pease      5,113

Donnie Wells                   4,653



Pierre Lambert (acclaimed)



Jennifer McCann       2,917

Linda Ward                  2,881

Adam Roop                        1,848



(results pending)

Louis Guimond

Emilie Sylvain-Lindsay

Sylvie C. Chmielewski






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