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Bradley calls Integrity Commissioner’s report biased, unfair

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George Mathewson

The mayor of Sarnia says an Integrity Commissioner’s report that slams the way he conducts city hall business is flawed, unfair and biased.

Mike Bradley said Commissioner Robert Swayze refused to meet with many individuals who could have provided valuable input for the report, which concluded that Bradley’s treatment of senior staff breached Sarnia’s Code of Conduct.

“The thorough investigation was anything but,” Bradley said.

“Mr. Swayze refused, when asked twice in the last four months, to interview the immediate past city manager, the present police chief and others, including a number of key staff people who had left the organization because of the administration, and incredibly the two employees in the Mayor’s Office who would have brought balance and fairness to the investigation.

“He cherry-picked who to interview under the direction of staff,” Bradley said.

City council meets Tuesday to discuss the report and Swayze’s recommendation they penalize Bradley by suspending his salary for 90 days.

Swayze claims Bradley made personal and inappropriate attacks on staff that led directly to the resignation of former city clerk Nancy Wright-Laking and former planning director Jane Cooper.

Bradley said taxpayers and elected officials should be alarmed by Swayze’s position that a mayor has no role in the day-to-operation of a city.

Prior Sarnia mayors including Ron Gordon, Marceil Saddy and Andy Brandt also took active roles in the administration of city business, Bradley said.

“The job of Mayor is to be the people’s watchdog at City Hall every day. The public expects no less,” Bradley said.

“The investigation was biased, a denial of disclosure and fairness and based on gossip and opinion, not fact.

He added the investigation has cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars when other internal ways to resolve issues might have been used.

Bradley added he only received the report last night and will be releasing an issue-by-issue response early next week.





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