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Bluewater International Ski Club wants to get to snow you

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Barry Wright

The winter solstice arrives this weekend and for many that means time for fun in the snow.

But what if your preference for outdoor exhilaration is Skiing? Sarnia isn’t exactly hilly.

That’s where the Bluewater International Ski Club comes in.

It hosts two trips each season to more traditional ski locations. They’re travelling to Breckenridge, Colorado in February and Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain in March.

The former includes a day trip to a World Cup race in nearby Vail, Colorado.

The club also organizes shorter trips in conjunction with a sister ski club in London.

“We have every age demographic in our club,” said president Janet Bradley. “People in their twenties and thirties all the way to people in their mid-eighties.”

Membership has remained fairly constant between 100 and 120 the past several years, said Bradley, although down significantly from the nearly 400 members three decades ago.

Like with many other groups and organizations, attracting members under 40 is a challenge.

But Bradley hopes the growing popularity of snowboarding will entice more young people to get involved.

“It is much easier.  You can pick it up and learn it in two or three days,” Bradley said.  “It doesn’t have that huge progression that skiing does.”

And, beginners shouldn’t be shy because existing members are more than willing to help out the less experienced on the slopes, she said.

“No matter your age or ability there’s always someone to ski with.”

While majority of the club’s membership is local some are from Michigan, Ohio, California and even parts of Europe.

The long-distance memberships come through business and family connections, while some have found Bluewater International online and via social media.

The club offers cross-country skiing in the area, a bowling night, year-end dinner and dance in April as well as offseason events through the warmer months, including sailing, boating and golf.

“It’s sort of become a place for lifelong friends who do others things together too,” said Bradley.

“It’s huge for matchmaking. There have probably been a least a dozen or more marriages or long-term relationship from the club.”

For more information visit www.bluewaterskiclub.com.












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