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Best buds search for a loving home

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Vanessa Hrvatin

Special to The Journal

Brandy and B.J. are inseparable friends who could use a permanent home for Christmas.

The female husky and male German shepherd were dropped off at the Humane Society in August. But because they’re bigger, older dogs that come as a pair the shelter can’t find anyone willing to adopt them.

Though people have shown interest in taking them separately they deserve to stay together, said Shannon Jacques, an animal care worker at the Sarnia shelter.

“They’ve had a lot of ups and downs but the only consistent thing they’ve had is each other.”

Most animals adjust to life at the Humane Society but B.J. had a difficult time. He lost weight and was clearly depressed, said Jacques.

By November it was decided the best place for the pair was a foster home.

Of the 100 people in the Society’s foster system, Theo Mackenzie was the only one properly equipped at the time to take on the dogs.

“I could almost see Shannon’s tears over the phone when she called me about Brandy and B.J.,” Mackenzie said.

“They came in and it was like they’d lived here their whole lives. It really has worked out for everybody so far.”

The pair will remain at Mackenzie’s Petrolia home until they’re adopted or she can no longer care for them.

Brandy is described as the mellower one while B.J. is goofy.

“They’d be great for first-time dog owners or seniors because they’re just so easy,” said Jacques.

They have no health issues, are well trained and love children.

And though they are large dogs they don’t need excessive amounts of space. Mackenzie said they’re content chasing each other around her average-sized backyard.

Mackenzie said people sometimes forget to consider an animal’s feelings, and that moving around is hard on Brandy and B.J.

“I hope they find a loving home soon, but I’ll definitely miss them,” she said.

For more information, contact The Sarnia Humane Society at 519-344-7064.





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