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The Sarnia Journal trivia challange

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1 – In which decade did India gain independence from Britain?

1920s          1940s          1960s           1980s

2 – For the next four months, what local agency will be operating a Mobile Market that brings fresh fruits and vegetables to local residents?

3 – What is the nautical term for the side of a ship sheltered from the wind?

4 – What convenient service will be available this month at the RBC Centre as well as Sarnia and Clearwater Arenas?

5 – Hoping to break a 61-year drought, what Brantford, Ontario resident nearly won golf’s Canadian Open in late July? (a Canadian has not won it since 1954).

6 – The Ministry of the Environment recently declared what creek in the south end of Sarnia and Aamjiwnaang First Nation safe for recreational use?

7 – What fruit is the main ingredient of the Mexican dish guacamole?

8 – Earlier this year, Sarnia’s Michelle Mackay was the first runner-up to represent Canada at what famous pageant?

9 – In French it’s known as the Cote D’Azur; in English it’s called what?

10 – Tough town! The Canadian-created HitchBOT, a robot hoping to hitchhike across the United States with human help, was vandalized and destroyed in what American city?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – 1940s (1947); 2 – Inn of the Good Shepherd; 3 – Lee or Leeward; 4 – Automated Telling Machines (ATMs); 5- David Hearn; 6 – Talfourd Creek; 7 – Avocado; 8 – Miss Universe; 9 – The French Riviera; 10 – Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love?)











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