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$5.8 million price-tag revealed for new Bright’s Grove Hub

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Major donation announced 

Cathy Dobson

The co-chair for the proposed Bright’s Grove Community Hub was told to rush his update to council Monday.

And Mark Moran left the podium without any questions allowed from council.

Nonetheless, he said there is “great enthusiasm” for a major expansion to the existing Bright’s Grove library that will include an accessible Gallery in the Grove, a community room, restoration of the historic Faethorne House, and a new 7,000-square-foot library with many services.

Detailed drawings and a site plan are just about complete, Moran said, revealing for the first time that the project’s preliminary cost is $5.85 million.

He also said that an individual donor wants to give $100,000 to kick start a fundraising campaign.

The location is perfectly situated in a park next to a school,” said Moran, adding that his committee would like to begin construction in 2025.

But first, the project requires council approval. Currently, it is part of the city’s 10-year capital budget but nothing more.

Council voted 5-4 in 2022 to contribute $350,000 to get a detailed design and site plan prepared. Both will be ready next month to present to council.

“We’d like to return in October,” Moran said.

Mark Moran.

“Why?” asked the mayor. “I mean you’ve already made a presentation today and this isn’t how we normally do business.”

“…We have not made a funding decision,” Bradley said.

Moran replied that his committee wanted to update council and get the hub on their radar.

Mayor Mike Bradley suggested Moran return to council in November during preparations for the 2024 budget.

Moran told council about the $100,000 donor and said there are many other individuals and groups that want to contribute. “But first we need a firm commitment from the city,” he said.

Bradley did not allow council to ask questions as normally happens with delegations.

Instead he told Moran he had exceeded the delegation’s 10-minute allotment of time. 

Coun. Anne Marie Gillis, who is a committee member with Moran, asked if there could be questions but the mayor said he didn’t see a reason for that given that two councillors are on the hub committee and the presentation was “quite complete.”

Watch the full discussion here:

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