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Week of February 24

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Really? Comparing Canada to communist China. Give me a break

Sir: “F*ck Trudeau” is a flag seen at almost every Freedom Convoy gathering. Its vulgarity is often accompanied by claims the current P.M. should be tried for treason and COVID-19 mandates are tyrannical. Some placards liken Canada to “Communist China.”


How well might these diesel-fueled demonstrators do if they mobilized under the rule of President Xi Jinping, storming Beijing in their 18-wheelers?

I’m guessing most would find themselves on a highway to the nearest re-education camp before lighting their first dart of the day. No double-doubles at this facility, boys.

How long do you think a “F*ck Xi” flag would fly in a country that banned Disney’s Winnie the Pooh film because memes likened the dictator to a cuddly yellow bear?

Tyranny is an easy word to throw around in a country that is anything but. Screaming obscenities at politicians and bureaucrats while shutting down major trade routes with little consequence demonstrates our Charter rights are doing just fine.

The protest mobilized and made its point loud and clear (something to be very proud of), but can we please move on?

History is full of examples of actual tyranny, and we’d all be better off learning what real fascist rule looks like before taking to the streets to oppose a free, effective and safe vaccine. Which, let’s be clear, you aren’t forced to take.

We’re all exhausted with COVID-19 mandates, but Canadians would be best advised to unify under legitimate and democratically elected leaders – regardless of party – and save our gripes for election day. It may come sooner than we think.

Troy Shantz


Time to wake up and realize our rights are being denied

Sir: As Canadians, it is easy to be filled with fear or anger right now.

But people need to educate themselves on what is actually happening to our country.

Today’s government is not the government of our forefathers. We are losing our democracy, and we are oblivious to it happening right under our noses.

Research Brian Peckford, the former Premier of Newfoundland and the last living premier who helped draft Canada’s Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He recently filed suit against the federal government, saying its COVID-19 vaccine requirements for air travel are unconstitutional and infringe on all Canadians’ charter rights.

As Peckford notes, Section One of the Constitution, which allows government to limit charter rights in some cases, was meant for war or insurrection, not for a virus from which 99% of Canadians recover.

Propaganda and fear mongering and control tactics from the World Health Organization, the federal government, and most mainstream media are causing social division in Canada. Their agenda is unethical and immoral, and I hope some day they will all be held accountable.

Canadians are too trustworthy. We don’t recognize that our prime minister holds too much power, and he has no intention of ending mandates. Is this how we want to live forever?

Research the Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth. Thousands of citizens and doctors are upset by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, which has forbidden doctors from questioning or debating official pandemic measures.

Look up Dr. Robert Malone, one of the scientists who invented mRNA vaccines, and his concerns about the safety and ethics of how COVID-19 vaccines were developed and forced upon the world. He and 17,000 experts have requested the ending of mandates.

The government has used the Emergencies Act to make us totally obedient and remove our rights, while the mainstream media supports the government’s one-sided narrative.

Wake up Canadians, and show your solidarity for our country!

Sonya Hicks


Vaccines have been a godsend

Sir: Regarding Greg Hamilton’s letter of Feb. 10, “Fed up with government controls, pandemic mismanagement.” I am very disappointed the Sarnia Journal published it.

At NO time was it ever claimed by the medical community that getting vaccinated would protect someone from getting the virus. It was ALWAYS claimed that the symptoms would be less severe. That has now been proven.

The writer is right that the ICU’s are full of unvaccinated and vaccinated citizens. However, what he chooses to ignore is that 90% of Canadians are vaccinated, and the 10% that are not are occupying up to 50% of the ICU beds. Do the math!

The government is not discriminating against the unvaccinated. If you don’t want to get a vaccination, fine. Just remember that your choice has consequences.

The government is using the available science to ensure that the rest of us are protected, and trying to keep the hospitals clear for patients that have more severe medical problems.

To John Parker (in same edition) I would say this. I am sorry that he had an adverse reaction to the vaccine.  But at no time did the medical community guarantee that the shot would not adversely affect any of the population.

The vaccines have been a godsend, particularly for my 85-year-old mother.

Blake Stevenson

Bright’s Grove

It’s easy, but unhelpful, to blame the government

Sir: This is in response to Greg Hamilton’s Feb. 10th letter, “Fed up with government controls, pandemic mismanagement.”

I appreciate the letter as I can relate to his anger and frustration with this ongoing pandemic.

But I just don’t see how blaming the government, or anyone else for that matter, is very helpful. In fact, it can make matters worse.

What helps is to remember that some of the world’s governments could care less if you or I lived or died. Ours seems to care.

Yes, what it has told us has not always been correct, but that doesn’t mean it lied. Government is only as good as the information it receives, and that information can change on an on-going basis. That doesn’t make it a lie.

Scientists and health organizations are trying their best to help us, but it’s pretty hard to stop an enemy like this virus when you don’t know or understand it. It’s been a learning curve for everyone.

As the writer said, the vaccinated and unvaccinated are both getting sick, but at least the vaccines are slow the death rate.

There are over 300,450 people who work for the government of Canada.  A Lot of them protect us. COVID is here to stay until a cure is found, and focusing on everything that the government did wrong will get us nowhere.

A wise man once said, Don’t pray the problem, pray for the solution.

Mary Jane Foley


Where was the party for Sarnia’s prime minister?

Sir: A great Sarnians had a birthday back on Jan. 28. And a significant one too, one that ends with a zero and feels like both an ending and a new start.

Where was the party? There wasn’t one. No music, no streamers, no cake and ice cream. Nothing. That’s both surprising and sad, considering Alexander Mackenzie was well known not just here but all across the country.

The guest of honour was a local stonemason and building contractor who became Canada’s second Prime Minister after Confederation And the day – Jan. 28, 2022 – marked the 200th anniversary of his birth.

I suppose we could blame COVID for the lack of celebration, but there may have been other factors as well. It was a long time ago.

But I thought I might have missed it. Had there been some quiet and modest commemoration somewhere?

So I asked around, and eventually found that Lambton County’s Cultural Services Division had marked the day with a social media post (Lambton Heritage Museum – Facebook) and slide show, which provided a very satisfactory outline of Mackenzie’s life and career.

Well-written, easy to read, and very nicely illustrated, it’s a great way to get better acquainted with the Sarnia-Lambton citizen who made it to the top.

Why should his birthday matter? One reason is Mackenzie’s position in history; another is his association with this community, which gives us a distinction few other places in the country can claim. A reason to be proud.

Bryan Trothen


Waterfront plan too expensive, not needed

Sir: Regarding the Feb. 11 letter, “City council loves big dream projects – in an election year,” and the proposed waterfront redevelopment.

If I could pile on, there is nothing wrong with our waterfront the way it is.

Theodore Tugboat made an appearance but many waterfront venues have been reduced by COVID-19. We lost the Highland Games, Ribfest relocated, and the big music concerts moved to under the Blue Water Bridge.

If it couldn’t support these venues why pour more money into the waterfront?

With an estimated cost of $55 million, isn’t there a better option for these funds, such as Sarnia’s infrastructure? When I walk the pup or bike along the waterfront I see no need for improvement.

Let’s leave it natural. Skip the concrete and proposed “market district” and support our existing downtown shops and their services. We paid $200,000 for this ‘re-envisioning’ of our waterfront?

Regarding a “Sarnia” sign to welcome boaters. Please, if you’re navigating a watercraft you should already be aware of your destination!

Let’s save the concrete and cost and do the right thing for our community. Respectfully,

Michael Murray


Doing away with plastic appreciated

Sir: I would like to commend the Sarnia Journal for its pickup and delivery options. I appreciate how readers can decide how to get the issues, because they actually want to read them.

I would also like to thank The Journal’s staff for being easy to contact and very responsive.

But what I love most was its decision to stop delivering the paper in soft plastic bags!

I have been in contact with a different newspaper since December, requesting that they stop delivering to my neighbourhood in plastic bags for environmental concerns.

Many newspapers tossed in driveways are simply driven over until they are mush or tossed directly into the blue box – still untouched in their soft plastic bags.

I suggested through emails and photos that they consider alternatives, and after weeks of no response, called Sarnia’s bylaw enforcement to inquire about littering laws.

Apparently, the delivery person was concerned about COVID and coming into contact with others.

But since then, the driveway deliveries have stopped, and I’m grateful for the refreshing change of scenery of not seeing weeks of unread issues rotting in their plastic bags.

I do appreciate this reduction of waste. Sincerely,

Melissa Cataford


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